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  1. Amber123

    Question about LSAT and GPA

    Hey, I just had a question, so would it matter if you are currently in an Ivy League school or is that not taken into account usually ?
  2. Hello, I am a third year university student going into fourth year, I had a question, my GPA in the first year of university was extremely low, and was not the best in 3 out of 10 courses in second years first semester either but besides that one bad year I got my act together now and I’ve been getting very good grades for 2 years and have been on the Dean’s honour list I am also in an extremely hard program and institute, I’m sure I can continue these grades in my last year of undergrad as well. I have been getting coaching for LSAT’s since a year and I’m very involved with the community and clubs, if I am able to get an 88th - 90th percentile score on LSAT, is there any chance of me getting into any law school in Canada? Maybe even through holistic application ? Thank you very much.