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  1. After some serious deliberating, I've firm accepted my offer! See you guys in September
  2. Accepted this morning! Over the moon excited. CGPA 3.12 L2 3.5 LSAT: 151, 154, 161 My letter was tailored to Windsor, i have strong EC's, two academic references, and legal work experience My second acceptance, I was admitted to Bora Laskin Facutly of Law on April 15th, 2019. I am a bit torn between the two, I feel as though Bora Laskin Facutly of Law has a very unique program, especially with the IPC program. I'm going to have to do some serious thinking. I also wanted to say that I have been a LONG time lurker on this forum. I bombed the LSAT twice and never in a million years thought I could score above a 150. I also was rejected from every single law school I applied to last year, and this year I received so far, two acceptances. Do not ever think this achievement is out of your reach. I was one of those people who would read posts like this and thought It would never be me. It takes hard work, dedication and discipline but you will get there. Congrats to everyone accepted and good luck to those waiting.
  3. Where are you getting your information from? That makes no sense that an employer wouldn't take a Windsor grad who was a straight A student, over a U of T student who had lower grades. How does that possibly make sense? If you see more UofT and other law school graduates from western and queens, etc. on Bay street, that has nothing to do with them being the preferred candidates, it could be that MORE of those students are applying to big law because their law school culture is tailored to that kind of work. Windsor is more of a social justice school, so students who typically go there wouldn't, I assume, have big law objectives, hence LESS Windsor students applying for those kinds of jobs. You must have written the LSAT and learned about flawed assumptions. I strongly urge you to use that knowledge you learnt and apply it to this conversation. And AGAIN, You do not miss networking opportunities, Toronto law firms hold their interviews towards the end of April and May and summer positions for students typically start at the end of May/ beginning of June. How do I know this? Because AGAIN, I actually work in the field and speak to lawyers everyday. So no, your location doesn't stop you from going to the Toronto interviews which are held AFTER law exams. The only stigma that exists is amongst these 0L's on this forum who continue to spread this idea of "stigma" that does not exists amongst actual lawyers. If you have a foreign degree, that is well, a whole different ball game.
  4. You would be doing a great disservice to yourself if you thought there was really any stigma on any law school in Canada. Maybe if you were trying to obtain a foregin law degree would a stigma occur, but not a Canadian JD. I currently work as a legal assistant and will be attending bora laskin facutly of law this fall and I can tell you, not one person at the court house gives a damn where you got your law degree in Canada. All they care about is your work ethic, your intelligence, and your ability to produce results. There are PLENTLY of Baystreet lawyers who went to Windsor. Big firms do not really care where you got your degree from in Canada, they care about your marks. Keep your marks high, get involved with law school clubs, apply for summer law jobs and you will get the job you desire. Most people on this forum do not yet work in law and listen to these silly notions that get thrown around on the forum. It's an accomplishment to get into ANY law school in Canada. Yes, even Windsor isn't easy to get into, they have 2500 applicants and only around 180 spots. How do people actually think that getting into Windsor is easy? To be frank, it's nonsense. As I said again, keep your grades high, network, join clubs and keep your face out there. You'll do just fine. Coming from a current Criminal Defence Legal Assistant, and soon to be 1L.
  5. I tried to confirm my lakehead email and it wont let me. Im wondering if anyone else is running into those problems when trying to get accepted into the group?
  6. Got the call not too long ago. Accepted off the waitlist 3.12, L2 3.5 - Access claims when it comes to GPA LSAT 151, 154, 161 Expansive EC's including currently working as a legal assistant at a law firm, aswell as i have a minor in indigenous studies Beyond excited and grateful. Ive been crying my eyes out since. I have worked extremely extremely hard for this moment and i cannot believe im attending a canadian law school. AHHHHHH!!!!
  7. I actually just got off the phone with admissions. I was told that they hope to have completed their direct acceptances by the end of may and they will formulate the waitlist in June!
  8. Agreed. I applied back in the second week of September. It says its beneficial to apply early, yet i've seen people who applied as late as february hear back. It is frustrating for sure. Gotta hang in tight
  9. Got the email today! GPA 3.12 L2 3.5 LSAT 161 two strong references, very extensive ECS and work experience including currently working as a legal assistant at a law firm Access claims Fingers crossed! It’s not an acceptance but being waitlisted means opportunity. Glad to still be in the rat race.
  10. Rejected today off the waitlist. Applied access in regards to GPA. Had health issues first two years of school CGPA. 3.12 LSAT 154 Pretty gutted. I really need to get that LSAT score up. Still waiting to hear from Ottawa and dalhousie but I highly doubt I'll get it. Feel discouraged but it's back to the books for the LSAT!
  11. Where is this notion coming from that their known for waitlisting alot of people. No one knows anything about how big the waitlist is. It says specifically in the email that they do not release information about how many people are on the waitlist or what position you are on the waitlist . I'm having a hard time believing they would waitlist 600 people when there is only around 160 spots in the single JD program.
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