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  1. PureComedy88

    Revised Waitlist Chances?

    I'm 109! Let's do this!
  2. PureComedy88

    Windsor February LSAT Anomaly

    Yeah so I am a mature student who has a Masters degree as well and reasons for having a low average in my undergrad - a bad first year with lots of interpersonal problems and my grades did improve as the years went on. Moreover, I have two years of full time work experience as a social worker (one of my managers is a reference) and two years of recent experience as a social researcher working on SSHRC grants with a professor who provided me a fantastic reference letter. I only applied to four schools this year, was rejected from Osgoode and USask. I was waitlisted for uOttawa (221/298) and Windsor. Windsor is my last hope for next Sept but I'm basically treating it like I'm going to get rejected, especially since I recently learned they don't take the Feb LSAT of the year you apply. But I would find it hard to believe they would keep me on the waitlist if they were just taking my 145 LSAT and not counting the Feb LSAT. Therefore, I'm wondering whether or not it's worth putting myself through LSAT hell again to get maybe a 3-4 point increase over the next 3 months and re-apply in November, or maybe the reason why I got waitlisted so far down the line for Ottawa and am still waiting to hear from Windsor is because I wrote so late and that I'll have a better chance if I just apply again next year.
  3. So I wrote the LSAT twice, once in Dec 2016 (scored 145) and again in Feb 2018 (scored 156). When I applied to Windsor last year, I was immediately rejected, presumably because of that terrible LSAT score. I applied again this year - not knowing that they don't accept the Feb score - and was waitlisted in May and am still on the waitlist. Any reason why this might be? My undergraduate average is pretty low (3.17) and my latest LSAT score is showing up on My uWindsor. So what gives? Does anyone think I may have a shot?
  4. PureComedy88

    Accepted 2018

    What? They'll let us in without attending the mandatory academic orientation? I guess it's only mandatory for those who have already been accepted?
  5. PureComedy88

    Accepted 2018

    No but I was all but guaranteed by the office that the classes are filling up and we should know by mid-late July at the latest... Well, here we are...
  6. PureComedy88

    Accepted 2018

    I am hoping I am close since my stats are very similar to all yours. Congratulations and good luck in your first year!
  7. PureComedy88

    Accepted 2018

    Congratulations! Please decline now so they will accept me lol Still chillin' on the waitlist but your stats give me hope!
  8. PureComedy88

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    Still on the waitlist, heard nothing. I called and they said single JD classes are filling up and those of us on the waitlist should know for sure by mid to the end of July whether or not we're accepted for 2018
  9. PureComedy88

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    I don't know man, I didn't ask her about past years or anything like that. Maybe you could give her a call with that question and report back? She's pretty easy to get a hold of, I just left a message and she called back in half an hour.
  10. PureComedy88

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    I called Windsor today and spoke with Mary. She said that classes are filling up for the Single J.D. program, and that if you're on the waitlist, you should know by mid to late July whether or not you've been accepted for Sept 2018.
  11. Thanks for the advice! I read all the books, 7sage and the LSAT Trainer ended up being the best resources for me. I drilled logic games every morning for 3-4 hours for months leading up to the test and it never really stuck with me. I'm just not sure how big of an improvement I'll get from doing it again.
  12. Hi everyone, Law school is looking like it's out of my reach for this year and I'm wondering whether I should bother re-writing the LSAT this December for next year, or just focus on strengthening my application. I don't care about which law school I get into, I just want to be somewhere in Canada... I wrote the Feb LSAT this year and scored 156 (a 16 point jump from my base score). It took me over one year to get to this point with the LSAT and I basically spent the two months leading up to it doing nothing but PTs and blind reviewing them in every spare moment I had. I studied using 7sage and was foolproofing logic games (my weakest point) and it didn't result in a major jump in my score. My LR and RC are decent (typically only -4 to -6 on each section). Unfortunately, because I wrote the February LSAT I can't see my weak points on the test, but that score was my exact average while I was studying and I'm sure the logic games are the reason why I'm not scoring 158-160. I was put on the waitlist for U of Ottawa (221/298) and Windsor (added on May 22 and have heard nothing since) for this year and was flat out rejected from Osgoode and U of Sask (no Sask connection so no surprise there). These are the only schools I applied to this year and if I reapply last year, I will apply to more both inside and outside of Ontario. Background: I have an average of 3.17 from my undergrad. I'm a mature student and the reason my GPA is so low is I was really bad in my first year of university (straight C's the first semester and mostly B's and C's the second semester), I was partying and working a lot. From my second year on, my grades only improved and I was added to the Deans' Honours List in my third and fourth years. I was also eventually hired as a Research Assistant to one of my professors. I went on to do a Master's at the same university I did my undergrad and have over two years of experience in the social services as an Employment Counsellor assisting individuals on welfare and disability find work. Currently, I am employed as a full-time Researcher for McMaster, a position I have held for almost two years now. I specifically want to get into employment law and defending the rights of injured workers. Is it worth re-writing the LSAT in December or do you think I can just improve upon my personal statement? Perhaps, get a couple more letters of references from work and employers? I seriously don't want to put myself through the ringer with the LSAT again and am questioning how much I can really improve at this point. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks! P.S. I am still waiting to hear from Windsor so not all hope is lost, but I'm feeling quite discouraged after seeing my place on the U of Ottawa waitlist
  13. PureComedy88

    Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    Great podcast with an episode that focuses on rising tuition fees in Ontario: http://sandyandnora.com/episode-16-ontarios-free-tuition-lie/
  14. PureComedy88

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    Thanks bud. Best of luck
  15. PureComedy88

    Windsor Rejected 2018

    Sorry to hear We have similar stats. Did you get an email?