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  1. Hey @OttawaBound I found some information online while I was looking into payment which might be of some use to you! This site has a lot of information - https://www.uottawa.ca/financial-resources/student-accounts/payment-plan Apparently, if you have applied for osap and everything is okay with your file, you can have a grace period to pay your tuition (which should give you some more time to secure funding) "the grace period ends on September 28, 2018, for the fall term and on February 1, 2019, for the winter term. As a recipient of a government loan, you agree to use the loan to pay your university fees first" ALSO There seems to be a promise to pay option as well (not sure if you want to do this but look into it) This plan is a one-term-only arrangement for students who want to limit the interest and late fees charged to their account. You must do the following: You must pay 50% of the amount you owe the university for the current term before selecting the promise to pay option. It usually takes 3 business days to receive a payment. Before August 22, 2018, in uoZone, click on Applications, then Payment plan . Interest is charged on your remaining balance. 3. You must pay the remaining 50% in two monthly instalments. The first is due by October 1, 2018 and the second by October 31, 2018. If you do not pay your account in full by October 31, a $60 late-payment fee is applied and you cannot register for the following term, participate in graduation ceremonies or receive academic documents (diplomas, transcripts, letters of permission, official confirmations, etc.) until your account is paid in full. Reminder: To qualify for this plan, you must be in good financial standing with the university, that is, you must have settled any older debt and have honoured all previous payment commitments or promises. You can select the promise to pay option for the Fall 2018 term from August 1, 2018. LASTLY https://www.uottawa.ca/financial-resources/student-accounts/paymentdates Ottawa says "If we do not receive your payment on time, a late payment administrative fee of $60* plus interest at the prime rate of the National Bank of Canada plus 8% is added automatically to your account" ... Interest sucks but in my opinion letting your dreams slip away sucks more! Go to Ottawa because you earned it! Try to be aware of possible interest and look into as many financial opportunities as you can find! I would also call the financial aid office. They can probably help you more than any of us! Best of luck!
  2. Yes! I don't want to reveal my ranking, but I can definitely let you all know if I get an acceptance!
  3. Hey! I fit your criteria and nothing yet so far!
  4. Hey! I think you should wait for Ottawa if it really is your top choice. I'm really worried that there isn't much movement this year as well, but it might be worth it to wait. If this year is like the past years, you should get in (but obviously we can't be sure how this year's admissions is). Although we're all on the same waitlist, I think we should all support each other. I recently gave up a spot at windsor for this waitlist. I figure if I don't get into Ottawa this cycle and reapply to law schools September, I might still get into Windsor again.... or I hope lol. Plus one extra year of not being in law school can mean strengthening your application with more experience, schooling or etc. It obviously sucks to not know what you're going to do in September tho. Ultimately its your choice and I hope you make the right decision for yourself! Also you should consider asking Windsor's forum for some guidance about the program. I found people on the ask a student section of Windsor's forum really kind and helpful!!
  5. Having the same fear. Does anyone know if this was the pattern in the previous years as well? I did notice one by one offers in previous thread where multiple people were commenting that they received offers on consecutive days, but I don't remember them being within the top 20. On a side note, admissions also told me that some movement can be expected within the next couple weeks up until sept. Fingers crossed that we all hear good news soon!
  6. I'm in the 40s and I still have final waitlist as my status. I don't think admissions will be sending any more acceptances until July but idk. I'm realllyyyy hoping I get contacted around July 17th. I received two emails saying there was a status change as well. I think the first one was to notify me that I was placed onto the numbered waitlist (although I already saw it on uozone) and then second status change email was after I confirmed my interest in it.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this concern has been discussed before. I'm sorry if this is a repeat. I have already written the LSAT three times and I might write again in Sept. I have started practicing and I've ran into a bit of a problem. I remember questions and reading passages from the past 20 LSATs. Basically I either remember a RC passage and do really well or I see a LR question which is familiar and confuse myself in the answer choices. Therefore the scores I have been receiving may not reflect my actual LSAT capabilities. Moreover, rewriting tests is not helping me improve. Did anyone else have this problem? How do you get past it? Also are there LSAT like questions available that aren't associated with LSAC that I could find online/purchase? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone received a reply from ottawa confirming they have kept you on the waitlist?
  9. Shouldnt we assume there must be a handful of students who just forgot or havent enrolled in a group? Or was there a deadline to do this? Also, lets just say there are 74 spots left, why not accept waitlist ranks 1 to 74 an put 75 as number 1? It seems most people believe the class is not full yet, but I thought waitlists are created when a class is already full. I'm a bit confused... Do schools create waitlists with spots available?
  10. Hey how do you know it isn't full yet? Do you know how many spots are left?
  11. From my understanding, in 2017 there was a revised waiting list in July. If that does come out, it should give you a better understanding of whether you will be offered an acceptance. TBH its hard to say whether any of us have a chance because every year it varies. Perhaps this year more students stick with their provisional to Ottawa. Thus we all have less of a chance. Also I think it never hurts to have some hope and be prepared as well! I'm ranked in the 40s and I've already started prepping for LSAT just in case.
  12. I know. I have to think about it but I think I'm willing to take the risk since I'm in the top 50! If I don't get in, theres always next year LOL
  13. Yes but even the people who have a ranking in the top 50? OMG..
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