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  1. Frankie576

    Refused 2018

    Refused today. Undergrad GPA: 3.92/4 Graduate GPA: 4.0/4 Letters of reference by old head of department and current head of department. Personal statement written entirely in French. Halfway through a PhD at a foreign university on a full scholarship right now. Unsure if I’ll be applying again as I’ve been accepted somewhere else and this is my second time applying to McGill (first applied after undergrad), and despite strengthening my application significantly since then I was still refused. Am honestly unsure where I continue to fall short outside of not writing the LSAT, so I might try that but it’s hard to set time aside to study while doing a PhD full time sadly. The very best of luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
  2. Frankie576

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    I’m also in the same boat. Seems a bit coincidental that they’re waiting on people with Masters degrees? Maybe they make decisions a bit later on for people who are older/have graduate degrees? Obviously there are exceptions to this, as there have already been people accepted who have graduate degrees but it seems odd that there’s at least 3-4 of us who haven’t heard anything but who have similar stats.
  3. Frankie576

    Waitlist 2018?

    I just got the generic letter that there was a lot of competition but they’d welcome me to apply again. I really tried to up my game this time around though as I think my personal statement was what was lacking last time - so I wrote it entirely in French this time and spent more time on it. My extracurriculars are maybe slightly lacking but I do have more work experience and I’m hoping my MA will at least be a solid soft. I remember being really upset last time when I didn’t get in and I’m sure I’ll feel much the same this time, but hey! I haven’t given up even though it’s a few years later.
  4. Frankie576

    Waitlist 2018?

    I’m still waiting as well. My stats are: BA (Hons.) - 3.92/4, M.A. - 4.0/4. Both in French. I’ve also started a PhD. LORs from current Department Head of the French department and previous Department Head at my old university. No LSAT. I’m a second time applicant as I got rejected when I applied after my BA. I’m anxiously awaiting as I’ve been accepted at another university and I have a deadline to accept my offer/pay a deposit at that university. :/
  5. Frankie576

    French Common Law J.D Acceptance 2018

    J'étais admise la semaine dernière au programme PDC et au programme JD en français. Stats: B.A. (Hons.) en langue et littérature française : 3.92/4.0 M.A. en études françaises : 4.0/4.0 J'ai aussi commencé mon doctorat, mais je n'ai pas décidé si je vais différer mon offre pour le finir ou non. Bonne chance à tous et à toutes !