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  1. Thanks a ton guys! I joined that FB group and it definitely seems like I should be able to find something there
  2. Hey guys! I'm starting to look into what life would be like if I were to move to Vancouver in the Fall, so i'm wondering if some of you BC natives could fill me on what websites people out there usually use to find a place to live/ roommates to live with? Also what time of year is best to start looking for a place to live come September? I am from Halifax so figuring out Vancouver housing is a mystery to me and would love all the help I can get!
  3. Yeah this is absolutely not the truth. Either method (any method for that matter) can get you to any score that you want to get if you work hard and have the brain for it. I only used powerscore and got a 170, and had gotten my PT scores up into the high 170s after only a month or 2 of studying. I personally really liked the powerscore timeline because I was able to try a bit of everything right off the bat and figure out where my weaknesses were. From there I often choose to focus study sessions on only one section that I was struggling with. Maybe that will work for you, maybe it won't. Think about how you like to learn and start working in that direction. You can always change your study strategy if something isn't working for you but I really dont think that its true that any one study timeline is objectively better than another
  4. I would be pissed as well. Can I ask why they said you didn't qualify?
  5. Holy shit how incompetent do they have to be to do that. i'm so sorry you guys! I would be absolutely and completely livid
  6. Haven't gotten one from UBC, but I was given a similar scholarship notification from UVic when I git in and my understanding is that they don't match the exact scholarship to the person until the summer when the incoming class is finalized. So they can tell you that you will get a scholarship of at least X amount, they haven't decided yet if it will be renewable because it will depend on whether other students wh are offered scholarships accept or not. Applications for named scholarships open in May or June I believe
  7. Hey! I studied for the LSAT in the summer between 2nd and 3rd year. IMO it was a really ideal time to do it. I wrote the September LSAT which meant that I had all summer to study for it and tons of time to rewrite if I wasn't happy with my score. Compared to some of my peers that wrote between the summer before 4th year or early in the Fall of fourth year I was way less stressed because at that time I only had to focus on my applications, while many of them were feeling swamped with both applications and the LSAT, and knew they wouldn't have much time to retake the LSAT if it didn't go their way. To start, just write a timed diagnostic with no preparation- then you'll what ability level you are starting with and plan your studying based on that. Think about how you learn- are you someone that likes to be taught in person? maybe a tutor or in person course is right for you. Do you find watching videos helps you learn? You could try an online course. Are you a reader? Maybe just get the prep books and self study. There is no right or wrong way to study for the LSAT- you just want to study in a way that suits your learning style. As for getting involved and volunteering i wholeheartedly recommend it, as long as it isn't to the detriment of your grades. Volunteering and extracurriculars isn't going to get you into law school, but you are right that it will give you something to write about in your PS, and can be helpful for scholarships. In 3rd year sign up for a couple things and see what clicks with you. Its way better to dedicate yourself to one or two things that you are really passionate about then it is to be tangentially involved in a ton of stuff. In my time I joined a couple student societies, started one for my major, joined 2 volunteer groups where I took on exec roles and volunteered my time outside of school (of course not all at once). In my PS i had no where near the space to write about all the things that I had been involved in, so I focused on one or two things that I was the most passionate and involved in and created a way better personal statement than I would have if I were just trying to shoehorn in brags about having been involved in all kinds of stuff. Just dedicate yourself to causes that you genuinely care about and you will be all the better for it (plus its FUN and a great way to get your mind off of just school). I'd be happy to give you some recommendations of organizations that I enjoyed working with that might also be operating in your area
  8. I got my acceptance like 3 days after receiving that email so it is likely a good sign? There are definitely people with similar stats to yours getting accepted, and it seems like most have had a fairly quick turn around after getting the assessment email so good luck
  9. Lived in Halifax my whole life- its a small city, I believe that it is quite a bit smaller than what you would be used to in Calgary. The city is pretty nice but there isn't really a ton to do. Pros: - Great restaurant scene! We have rlly great food at all price points as well as lots of independent bakeries, coffee shops, etc - If you like drinking you'll be right at home. We have an unmatched number of bars in our downtown area (i think the most per capita in Canada). - Decent amount of stuff to do on campus! There are tons of student societies and volunteer groups. I know the law school has a ton of its own societies and lots of professional/grad school students are involved with the general societies. There is always events going on on campus- our campus bar has really great weekly trivia, bi-weekly sex toy bingo and open mic nights, the student union hosts lots of events, which are often free and look dope on a resume (there has been freee naloxone training like once a month this year). - People are nice! Of course there are plenty of assholes and pervs kicking around but in general and especially among the students people are kind and willing to help. All the law students I know are very proud of how collegial Dal Law is. - Halifax is a student friendly city! There are like 5 major universities in Halifax so there are tons of young people around and lots of student discounts - Summers are lovely! We have nice temperate summers. It is usually pretty warm fromm late July through September, and Halifax is a really nice city to just walk around and explore in the Summer, especially the waterfront. - Lots of push for sustainability on campus and through the city. If you are interested in environmental issues you will find many likeminded people, especially among Dal students. Cons - Not a lot to do in general. Once you get past all of the opportunities for drinking and the on campus events you've kind of run out of activities in Halifax, especially in the winter. If you like the outdoors there are nice hikes and beaches near the city but we have a long winter so those are off limits for pretty much the whole school year. There is a few small ski hills in NS but you need a car to get there (however we have a free outdoor skating rink right in the city) - Travel past the city can be difficult without a car. If you are interested in checking out pretty much any of the aforementioned hikes, ski hills and beaches you'll need a vehicle. Within downtown Halifax you can easily get around by bus and walking (our bus system is kind of unreliable but not horrific, except when it snows) - If you plan to have a car prepare to never find parking. On campus without a parking pass= no parking, on campus with a parking pass = still no parking, off campus in other places downtown= no parking. I very often have to add 30 mins to my commute to account for the time spent trying to find somewhere to park. The city is basically set up to get people as many parking tickets as possible - The weather sucks ass in my humble opinion. I am trying to get out of Halifax because I hate the winters here. It usually starts snowing in November and we get blizzards through until May. It is so cold (and Dal doesn't like to pay for heat so I am currently wearing my winter coat in all my classes). If you're from Alberta this is probably an improvement from what you've got currently so maybe our weather would be a pro for you lol - We are having a bit of a housing crisis right now so finding somewhere to live downtown that isn't gross or grossly expensive is hard - We are having a major doctor shortage. It shouldn't affect you while you are a Dal student as you can access the on campus health services which includes drs, nurses, psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists, but if you are thinking about sticking around after you graduate this will surely be an issue for you - There are some safety issues. Halifax is pretty middle of the road in terms of crime levels so no need to panic but there are certainitley bad areas and some reoccurring bad situations. For example: There was a stabbing like 5 years in a row at Aderny Landing Canada Day celebration (across the bridge in Dartmouth), multiple incidents of sexual assault by cab drivers on their drunk passengers, Quite a few roofs-ing incidents in our clubs lately which is made worse by the fact that reports just came out that neither police nor hospitals are keeping track of these, Similarly our police force has major issues, especially with racism and there are regular scandals of police being criticized for being far to violent when interacting with people. I can personally say that I have found that most of the cops I interact with have been assholes. Thats all that came to me off the top of my head but I am happy to answer any specific questions you have about Hali here or over PM
  10. Doesn't seem like they are letting people know about scholarships yet, however the emails sent out don't say when you can expect to be notified so who knows
  11. Totally depends where you are starting off and what your goal is. I studied over the summer (May through August), while working part time (was taking PTs around 5 days a week). I started from a pretty decent diagnostic but was able to raise my score by 12 points by studying for 4 months. To me 7 months sounds like a crazy amount of time with a lot of opportunity for burn out if you're studying full time, but again, it'll depend on where you are starting off from and what your goal score is. The first step is doing a full timed practice test
  12. In as well! Got the (very short) email an hour ago LSAT: 171 cGPA: 3.8/4.3 B2: 4.23/4.3 Likely declining barring any crazy scholarship money in favour of cheaper tuition elsewhere
  13. Totally agree! I've got a few acceptances right know and Queens is really not on my radar because i'm focusing on doing my research into the places I'm actually accepted. Being accepted to both UBC and UVic before Christmas has given me enough time to save a little money and plan a trip out to BC on my Spring Break to tour both schools, as well as get in contact with some people I know out West and ask them what life is like in their city. I have had Dal's admitted student event in my calendar for months so that I know not to plan anything on those dates in case I want to attend. I've seen people on this site having accepted offers already. Having lots of notice gives people the availability to really get to know the schools where they have been accepted and get excited about the prospect of going there! Even if I were to get accepted to Queens today, as an out of province student I wouldn't have any time to travel to Ontario to tour the school without having to take time off from school and work very last minute. Maybe for people from Ontario it isn't as much of an issue, but I'm really not willing to accept an offer from a school in a city that I have never been to, and just move there sight unseen.
  14. PS. If anyone is wondering about this I asked and was informed that they will try to let as many people who will be receiving merit based awards know by next month, but they can't promise that applicants will hear before the acceptance deadline as often they cannot confirm funding until April. Application based scholarships will be called for in May. So basically the answer is a hard maybe
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