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  1. I did the same! I had reached out to a Scotiabank rep in Vancouver and they instructed me to go through a local branch in my province instead. Its the exact same PSLOC deal so you aren't really missing out on anything by just setting it up at home!
  2. The biggest thing that I wished I had done was to start my personal statements over the summer!!! Even though you might not know the exact questions they will ask of you, it is pretty easy to have one general PS and then adapt it to fit each school, their PS question and their word counts. I applied to 6 schools and found it SO stressful starting my PS from scratch for all of the schools as well as managing my fourth year courses, so the more you can get done now the better. Along a similar vein update your resume and make a list of all of the extracurriculars, volunteer experiences, awards, scholarships, etc that you have under your belt as lots of schools ask for these and you don't want to leave anything out! & I do agree with the other posters here saying to reach out to your references. Sending a preliminary email just to say "hey would you be willing to write me a reference letter, I will have more information for you about what the requirements will be when applications open in the fall", is super helpful because then you know you have those references locked down!
  3. I know that Dal has said that they don't consider your updated fourth year grades when you send them in- they basically just use these to have more accurate statistics about the average GPA of accepted students. UVic weirdly states on their website that they will not consider fourth year students until their fall semester grades are submitted, however myself and a few other posters on this site all were accepted in December, well before the fall semester finished, so it doesn't seem like they do actually wait for those grades. Can't speak to whether other schools would care about your updated grades for acceptance as I was accepted at the schools I applied to before I had the chance to send in updated transcripts but I know when I reached out to the schools I had been accepted to in January after being accepted to ask if they wanted to see an updated transcript with fall grades they all said no (but again they might want to see this for an applicant that they are still considering)
  4. Hey hey! I work for a career services dept in my university! I'd be happy to take a look! Or if you aren't comfortable sending those documents to a stranger (understandable) I can send you some resource sheets with advice about formatting resumes, CV's, writing a good PS, etc that we use with our students PM me!
  5. Have you taken the LSAT yet? Don't freak out about one year of bad grades- remember that most schools weigh your GPA and your LSAT equally so a good LSAT score can make literally all the difference. Focus on doing well on the LSAT and your first year grades won't really matter at all. I had poor grades in first year but a high LSAT and good second and third year grades and I had no trouble getting in
  6. Received the tough double whammy today of this email followed by the roommate i was planning to live with deciding not to move out. I'm def struggling with the decision as to what to do and if I should still make the move to Van. If i can work things out to end up in BC next year I would definitely love to join whatever kind of study group you guys can get going (& if anyone is looking for a roommate hit a girl up lol)
  7. Really hoping for at least some in person classes! Moving from NS to BC and then being stuck in an apartment all semester without the chance to actually meet my classmates is going to be real lonely lol! Heres to hoping we will all be in real life class together in September
  8. A friend who works in grad studies at Dal (not the law school, but still) got an email essentially saying that they strongly expect that Fall will be 100% online, and in winter they may be able to host very small classes but all medium and large classes will stay online. Obviously this doesn't bode well for law school
  9. As someone also making the move to UBC to get out of the awful winters where I am from I feel you on this hahaha
  10. If any year was going to have wild wait list movement its this one- I think a lot of people may be rethinking law school, either taking a year off or deciding not to go altogether. Hope it works out in your favour
  11. Hey dudes I'm also overwhelmed with stress at the prospect of law school going online and even more overwhelmed with stress at the not-knowing of it all. I was planning to move completely across the country (Halifax -> Vancouver, basically as far as i could go lol) and it sucks so bad trying to figure out housing and plan for the future without even knowing if that future is going to exist. I had to finish off my last year of undergrad here with online classes and I have found that i really cant function that way- I'm a total extrovert and motivate myself by really getting to know my profs and my classmates (i'm a fiend for study groups), and my method of de-stressing is going out and spending time with my friends. Without being able to do any of that I honestly have severe doubts that I would be able to do well in 1L. I also haaaaate watching videos, I just cant seem to pay attention. I honestly think if i had the choice I would wait a year and start 1L next year, but I worry that deferrals won't be offered and that turning down my offer and reapplying would be looked down upon by the admissions committee and prevent me from getting in again. If anyone else is feeling stressed to the max about this and wants to vent my PMs are open. My friends and family are very empathetic to my stress but they don't really get because they aren't in the same boat with me the way you guys are. (ps hope everyone is staying safe <3)
  12. Hey! I work in a career services department right now and we have been collecting tons of info on how students can advance their careers from home during this pandemic. The best advice I can give you is to focus on something you are passionate about, not just what you think will look good to an admissions committee- develop your skills in something you care about and at the very least you will hopefully have an interesting topic to write about in your personal statement (a girl I know wrote about being involved in competitive jump rope and the committee loved her PS so much that the dean of the law school pointed her out to all the students at a welcome day and talked about it- so anything goes)! A few ideas are: Volunteering- there are lots of organizations that you can volunteer with from home! For example, Kids Help Phone crisis text line has been asking for volunteers if you are interested in the area of mental health and aiding people 1 on 1. Work- There are still places hiring people to work from home. Try using "remote", "work from home" "online" and "telecommute" as keywords in your job search and/or get in contact with the career services dept at your university and see wha they can do for you Professional development- this is the easiest one! There are millions of free online courses out there, many of which will provide you with a certification when you complete it. Things like mental health first aid, emergency management, coding, microsoft excel training, leadership, public speaking and wayyy more are out there. Google Digital Garage is a great place to start looking, they have 126 courses all of which are free, on a variety of subjects, but if you shoot me a PM i'll be happy to send you a document with a ton of reputable free online courses that I developed for my work place. Learning a language is a great idea too! Get ready for law school applications- Study for the LSAT if you haven't done that yet, Start drafting a personal statement (yes there will be specific prompts that you must follow for each school but its never too early to start thinking about what experiences and skills you want to demonstrate with your PS), research schools (taking the time to research all the schools, the grades/LSAT you will need to get in, the cost and looking through the Reasons To/ Not To Go To My School threads here are all something i recommend doing- narrowing down a list of goal schools helps keeps you motivated and makes it easy to start the process when its time to apply)
  13. I just got a scholarship offer emailed to me a few days ago. I am going to be declining Dal in favour of UBC so hopefully that scholarship money goes to one of you folks!
  14. Obviously i'm in the minority here but I think if we had the option for a deferral I would take it. I'm only 21 so I've got lots of time, I live at home right now and have a job I love so I think i would stay home and save up for a year and then start law school the year after. I've taken a few university level online classes in the past, and I am obviously in a fully online course load finishing off my degree right now and I hate it and find it hard to be as successful as I know I could be if the classes were in person. The fact that I am heading to UBC from across the country obviously complicates things further if they were to do one semester online. There is a social aspect of getting to know people that is important to me when moving so far from home and that gets totally lost online. As well as the logistics of the move which would be way more complicated if 1L was partially or fully online.
  15. Thanks a ton guys! I joined that FB group and it definitely seems like I should be able to find something there
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