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  1. I applied in late October (probably around the 21st?) and got in first round so you've still got quite a while
  2. Hey y'all! I believe that merit based scholarships have been awarded as I know of some people who had gotten them by orientation week. I also got another notification for a scholarship that I was awarded this morning (not an application based one, one that I was automatically considered for) and my guess is that these are scholarships that were given out earlier in the summer and are now being redistributed as the person who originally got the scholarship was since awarded a larger, application based award. This new scholarship appeared online right away and I just had to click accept, however the entrance scholarship that I was awarded at the beginning of summer hadn't shown up yet so I emailed them and they told me that it should have been there by now so they are now going to make sure it goes through this week (and extended the deadline to pay my tuition thankfully). So I would just double check for those of you that got an entrance scholarship earlier in the summer that it is showing up on your account and email them if not!
  3. Same thing with me- I received an entrance scholarship over the summer but there hasn't been any follow up. I believe that they will apply the scholarship to our tuition (my understanding is half the scholarship is applied to Fall tuition and half to Winter but I may be mistaken). I don't think there is any action you need to take!
  4. I was offered an entrance scholarship this year when I applied with around a 3.86/4.3 (not including drops) and a 171. When I was accepted they told me my scholarship would be no less than X amount, but that I might get more and that things wouldn't get finalized until August (happy to give exact details of everything over pm). Same with the commenter above, they noted in my letter that scholarships were usually awarded to those will A averages and over a 95th percentile LSAT. I had lots of EC's but if I am being honest I doubt they were considered.
  5. I really doubt your references will care about you applying broadly! They are undergrad professors, I assure you they are more than used to filling out reference forms for their students, its just part of the job. It also really isn't that much more work to send the reference letter to a few more schools. The most effortful part is actually writing the letter of recommendation, which they have to do whether you apply to 1 school or 12. Then all they have to do is tweak it a bit (if they even do that) and send it out to other schools. Keep in mind that the Ontario schools all use one system so I believe they would only have to upload your LOR once total for all Ontario schools, and that there are schools where you don't need an LOR at all (if applying in the regular category), like UBC and UVic!
  6. Each school has a different process to send in LORs so your referees definitely have the opportunity to send in a completely different letter to each school, however that's up to them. Your best bet is to ensure that they have all the info they need- when letters pf recommendation are due for each school, how exactly they submit, any prompt that a school gives for LORs or questions they want a referee to answer in their letter etc, and then it is up to your referee to decide how much, if at all they want to change their letter per school. I expect that most referees just write one letter and then copy and paste it when sending it to each school with a few minor tweaks (ie changing school name). EDIT: Since Ontario schools use OLSAS I believe they only require the referee to upload one LOR total which will be sent to all schools you applied to.
  7. I did the same! I had reached out to a Scotiabank rep in Vancouver and they instructed me to go through a local branch in my province instead. Its the exact same PSLOC deal so you aren't really missing out on anything by just setting it up at home!
  8. The biggest thing that I wished I had done was to start my personal statements over the summer!!! Even though you might not know the exact questions they will ask of you, it is pretty easy to have one general PS and then adapt it to fit each school, their PS question and their word counts. I applied to 6 schools and found it SO stressful starting my PS from scratch for all of the schools as well as managing my fourth year courses, so the more you can get done now the better. Along a similar vein update your resume and make a list of all of the extracurriculars, volunteer experiences, awards, scholarships, etc that you have under your belt as lots of schools ask for these and you don't want to leave anything out! & I do agree with the other posters here saying to reach out to your references. Sending a preliminary email just to say "hey would you be willing to write me a reference letter, I will have more information for you about what the requirements will be when applications open in the fall", is super helpful because then you know you have those references locked down!
  9. I know that Dal has said that they don't consider your updated fourth year grades when you send them in- they basically just use these to have more accurate statistics about the average GPA of accepted students. UVic weirdly states on their website that they will not consider fourth year students until their fall semester grades are submitted, however myself and a few other posters on this site all were accepted in December, well before the fall semester finished, so it doesn't seem like they do actually wait for those grades. Can't speak to whether other schools would care about your updated grades for acceptance as I was accepted at the schools I applied to before I had the chance to send in updated transcripts but I know when I reached out to the schools I had been accepted to in January after being accepted to ask if they wanted to see an updated transcript with fall grades they all said no (but again they might want to see this for an applicant that they are still considering)
  10. Hey hey! I work for a career services dept in my university! I'd be happy to take a look! Or if you aren't comfortable sending those documents to a stranger (understandable) I can send you some resource sheets with advice about formatting resumes, CV's, writing a good PS, etc that we use with our students PM me!
  11. Have you taken the LSAT yet? Don't freak out about one year of bad grades- remember that most schools weigh your GPA and your LSAT equally so a good LSAT score can make literally all the difference. Focus on doing well on the LSAT and your first year grades won't really matter at all. I had poor grades in first year but a high LSAT and good second and third year grades and I had no trouble getting in
  12. Received the tough double whammy today of this email followed by the roommate i was planning to live with deciding not to move out. I'm def struggling with the decision as to what to do and if I should still make the move to Van. If i can work things out to end up in BC next year I would definitely love to join whatever kind of study group you guys can get going (& if anyone is looking for a roommate hit a girl up lol)
  13. Really hoping for at least some in person classes! Moving from NS to BC and then being stuck in an apartment all semester without the chance to actually meet my classmates is going to be real lonely lol! Heres to hoping we will all be in real life class together in September
  14. A friend who works in grad studies at Dal (not the law school, but still) got an email essentially saying that they strongly expect that Fall will be 100% online, and in winter they may be able to host very small classes but all medium and large classes will stay online. Obviously this doesn't bode well for law school
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