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  1. Got an email a few minutes ago. Cgpa 3.69 LSAT: 150 Mature applicant. Filled out part B.
  2. Rejected yesterday. Got email. LSAT: 150 cGPA: 3.69 (WES) Mater degree Mature applicant. I have got an offer from Ottawa University. So If you are rejected here, still keep hope for other schools.
  3. I was accepted this afternoon. Information was updated on uozone. cGPA: 3.69 (WES) LSAT: 150 Master degree. Mature student.
  4. Status changed from Pending Review to Referred-admission committee today afternoon. In To Do List there has nothing left.
  5. At the bottom of Spring Open House email, it is written that you are receiving this email because you signed up to receive information from the University of Windsor. So I think receiving this email means nothing related to the acceptance.
  6. Mine has also changed from “Referred for review” to pending review.
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