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  1. Sorry I'm just responding now! I haven't received an offer yet, no. I was just curious about registration
  2. Can any previous transfer students comment on whether or not it was difficult to register for the courses they wanted? Most of the courses at my current school are already full and I'm wondering if this is also the case at Osgoode.
  3. Registration was on July 18th last year. You should be able to access your LOC a week or two after that. If you need the LOC right away you can email the undergraduate admissions office: http://www.mcgill.ca/law-admissions/undergraduates/admitted (click on proof of enrolment)
  4. Starting this thread for anyone who is applying to transfer to Osgoode. For anyone who is applying to transfer: How did you decide what professor to ask for a reference? Did you apply to Osgoode after your undergrad? If you did, how much of your old personal statement are you recycling? For anyone who has already transferred: Did you find it difficult to transition? Are you happy with your choice?
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