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  1. So what about associates? Should they never look for more lucrative opportunities? How do you all feel about $15 being a fair minimum wage? If I worked 50 hours a week at Firm 1, I would not even be making that... #serfdom?
  2. The LS.CA High Court for Moral Authority has spoken.
  3. Remember that this is just a discussion to seek input - while i was leaning towards firmm 2, i clearly put the question out to help aid in my decision. I enjoyed the substantive debate.
  4. Didn't know we were in a dictatorship!
  5. - really didn't mean to turn this into an argument or debate about legal ethics. Moreso just looking for advice!
  6. Applications for both firms went it at the same time. One interview process just happened earlier than the other.
  7. Let's walk away from summering for a moment... would you take articles at $33,000 or $75,000? You have $100k of student debt...
  8. Both are downtown firms...other smaller downtown firms pay the usual rate - just this one doesn't
  9. If a contract has an out-clause, it's not exactly breaking a contract. Its actually following the contract. If anything, having the contract terms makes it easier than if I simply had an oral commitment to the firm.
  10. I am not disputing this is a difficult predicament - but I really do need to think long-term career-wise and what will put me in a better financial position. As law students going through recruitment, we have heard/experienced firms partaking in ethically questionable behaviour as well. Wrt to Frim 1, they should perhaps take note that they cannot so significantly undercut salary trying to prey on desperate students.
  11. These are articling student provisions - not summer student..
  12. Contract includes a 2 weeks notice provision.
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