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  1. jahis

    Suits for Women

    One suit will definitely be enough. I agree with other posters, having multiple shirts/blouses to wear with it will change things up. The best advise is to invest in a pair of comfortable, high quality shoes. There's nothing worse than wanting to leave an event early or be less active in your networking at events because you are uncomfortable standing.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/groupsatlakehead/
  3. To those of you who have been recently accepted, please utilize the LU Law Class of 2021 Facebook group for any inquiries you have regarding your transition to Bora Laskin! Upper year students are available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding housing, course content, etc. Congratulations!
  4. Please use your LU email to join the "Lakehead" community on Facebook, you will then be able to request access to the "LU Law Class of 2021" group! Congratulations on your acceptances!
  5. Please join the "Lakehead" community on Facebook, using your LU email to gain access! This group is for students who have accepted their offer and will be attending in September 2018.