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  1. This might just work for 1Ls, but I think.... If you sign into your york passport and check out your schedule, you can see your classroom #s there.
  2. My vote is for the Batman tie. Batman is far superior to Spider-Man. I personally will have a Batman wallpaper on my lappy for the first few weeks of school.
  3. I was hoping more would become available when I logged in. But alas, there was nothing exciting.
  4. An email was sent out about Prof. Kierstead's homepage: http://osgoode.yorku.ca/QuickPlace/shelleykierstead/ The email gave sign-in instructions, but the "type in your usual password" has me a bit confused. Anyone figure out how to sign in?
  5. Ooh DeJure... Gatorade is the new Snapple. Has my suggestion of Degrassi so quickly been forgotten? Sigh... How about DeJure's Discovery Channel Dominates Degrassi's Dragons? Or is that too section 'b'ish?
  6. May I recommend washable markers to dress-up or dress-down your tshirt? For instance, you could draw on a bowtie and a jacket to make it a tuxedo shirt. We've got SPIRIT. Yeah. Yeah. We've got SPIRIT. Yeah. Yeah. We've got gin, scotch, tequilla on the rocks. beer beer beer beer beer.
  7. Does anyone know if the Osgoode Business Clinic is a subsection of CLASP? I wanted to apply to volunteer for the OBC and was wondering if I do that through CLASP.
  8. Besides Hutch's book, has anyone read any of the books on the recommended books list that was in the wed/thurs mail?
  9. I tried phoning Beryl today, she's out of the office until Wednesday. Maybe she never got around to making those calls Charu and she'll call you on wednesday? Or maybe they filled all their spots and she's taking a vacation. Who knows...
  10. That's unfortunate Charu, and weird too. Apparently my 3.1/170 makes me unqualified for law school in Canada. Not so in the US. Gee, wonder where the 'brain drain' comes from...
  11. Didn't get a call either. Enter my new attitude: Fuck Canadian law schools. I've already sent my transcrits to LSDAS. Let's try dealing with people who actually care about the LSATs.
  12. One Prime Mover: If philosophy of law interests you, I suggest picking up a copy Readings in the Philosophy of Law by John Arthur and William Shaw. I managed to find it in a discount book store for $12.00. It covers the legal positivism- natural law dialogue and other theories of law with essays by Dworkin, Hart and etc. I don't know if learning theories of law is part of curriculum, but it provides a nice backdrop.
  13. To get the Osgoode RBC deal you should contact the specific branch that Osgoode has a relationship with. The Hwy& & 400 Branch offers Osgoode students $55,000, minus their current student loans, at prime +1 with no-cosigner. Call either Vesna Spasevski 905-738-6052 or Darryl Hallahan 905-738-3200.
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