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  1. In addition to the post above, would any one have experience dealing with the University's ombudsmen?
  2. To simplify things, we're a simple family with our own children. Many years ago we thought we were doing the right thing by taking a child from another country and treated them as our own - now, only to be faced with this dilemma. I guess it does seem like the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Thank you again to everyone for your input and advice so far - if anyone has any further advice would we truly appreciate it. We're contemplating legal action and our lawyers are jumping up and down at the smell of this. We understand the legal implication it will have on UofT and the student (who is still considered one of ours) and how it could affect their life in the future. We've also spoken to the local police department and they are ready to proceed as well. As you all can see this is a difficult decision as we consider the student one of ours but as everyone has posted above it seems there really is no other options to get to the bottom of this. On a side not, the student also has applied for their Canadian citizenship and everyone can see the implications something like this could have on their future with that as well. We're hoping somebody knows something or understands how the system works, please contact us if possible.
  3. @Lawby and others - thank you for your responses. In addition to our initial research, we were made aware that they were suspended during their undergraduate time at UofT (once for one year and another time for three years) yet the University still accepted our payments for a student they had on suspension. The student notified us after their undergraduate that they got into UofT law school and provided links with an official UofT domain name and student number. As others have already mentioned UofT refuses to discuss any students personal, financial, or academic records even with the legal guardian or individuals responsible. Any additional advice or help would be appreciated, kind of hoping an official from UofT reads this and decides to do the right thing rather than defending policies that allow students to perform scams like this. This is not a matter of money to us - we are guardians and feel the University should at least take a look at our records or listen to us rather than brushing us off as they are currently clearly defending a scam / fraud.
  4. Thanks for your responses - yes we're the guardians of a student that we took care of for many years and we were told they were accepted to law school; only three years later did we realize they never attended nor were accepted. We sent payment through the University of Toronto website (a link provided by the student) which had the official UofT domain name and logos - money was sent through Western Union on this website for three years. If anyone has any advice on how to proceed or who to contact at the University it would be greatly appreciated - we believe the money was sent to what seems like an official account and have proof of payment.
  5. Hi, I'm a guardian of a student that "claims" to have attended UofT law school. Would anyone be able to clarify what happens if payment is sent to the school but the student either drops out or never got accepted to start? Where would the money end up or be refunded too?
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