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  1. Thank you everyone! I love that you all tackled a different aspect of my question. When I say use two names I was more thinking about simply using his on social media to distance that from my professional life more than actively using it in everyday life. I thought about having us both hyphenate but I don't know if our names are not suited to it. I think it's also a phonetics thing. (if that makes sense) My going from a 3 syllable name to a 1 syllable just sounds odd. I think we're just going to have to sit down the two of us and contemplate it more. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am a 1L who is going to be getting married between 1st and 2nd year and I was wondering what experiences others have had regarding name changes and how that has impacted you. I've been told its quite the hassle to do so after graduation so I probably would do it right away. I'm on the fence about changing my name as my maiden name will be the one on my undergrad degree and I like my name and am rather attached to what I've achieved under that name. But I also like the idea of unity and sharing a last name and I know that my spouse wants me to take his (mind you he is respectful of my choice, it isn't a secret that he would prefer me to take his). I'm also possibly considering having one for personal and one for professional life (obviously my legal name would have to be the professional) and am curious regarding those of you who have gone that route. Any tips, concerns, experiences welcome! Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys! I went with Scotia because it made the most sense for me. One thing I will let you know is that like MissJE said, they would deduct my loan by the amount of credit cards I had at my bank (which is my only other available credit), or I could choose to close them. So I assume a government student loan would be similar. Thanks for all your help!
  4. I'm interested in the same question. Also, recommendations for banks to get LOC's from?
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