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  1. Thank you! It was from the Feb LSAT so I'm hoping that that's what's holding everything up.
  2. Given that the deadline for a majority of acceptances was April 1, what happens now for all of the people who haven't heard back yet? Also, feel free to comment with your stats if you haven't heard back yet, would be nice to know that I'm not alone! CGPA: 3.6 B2: 3.9 Masters: 4.0 LSAT: 163
  3. Selling the following, all in next-to-new condition (no pencil, no highlighting): Powerscore LR Bible (2016) Powerscore LR Workbook (2016) LSAT Trainer (2017) Blueprint: Logic Games Blueprint: Reading Comprehension Prices negotiable for all of them. Can meet up on the TTC line or ship them to you at cost. Let me know!
  4. Also got the email yesterday, also not surprised. GPA (with drops): 82 LSAT: 163
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