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  1. pennypp

    Life After the Community Legal Clinic

    I understand that hire-back is low for most places that are hiring for the 2018-2019 term, but my main concern is whether students who article at clinics will be pigeon-holed. I don't mind poverty law work, but it's not an area that I want to remain in post-articling. I don't want to open a sole practice anytime soon, but I do want to work in-house or at a firm that practices admin. law.
  2. pennypp

    Great Books To Read Before/During Law School

    It's not a book, but it's a poem called "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann. It's a great poem to read when you're stressed or just need some motivation.
  3. Hello! I'm seriously considering an offer to article at a community legal clinic, but am a little worried about the low-hire back rate. I'm curious to know about the areas of law/type of practice others have pursued after articling at a community legal clinic? Thanks!
  4. TDSB sent an email yesterday to schedule interviews.
  5. I just got a call today - they're scheduling interviews between April 23-25.
  6. I emailed TDSB, and got a response yesterday saying that they're still screening applications.