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  1. I think you're confusing law students with med students....
  2. I went to court as a spectator a few teams with just a T shit and jeans, no one gave me trouble.
  3. He made that remark too, didn't he?....Something along the lines of "the average age of last year's class was 25, you guys are getting younger".
  4. Profile of admitted applicants from 2017/2018 round Based on your stats, I'd be surprised if you were rejected, considering (for the regular pool at least) ualberta law is a school that tends to focus on L2 GPA/LSAT for admission.
  5. The Paper Chase, an older film (released in the early 1970s), but I enjoyed it
  6. I emailed admissions last year and asked this question last year and I was told that the U of A law admissions committee goes back a semester until the 60 credits is reached. If they have to go back a semester, they will take the grades of the entire semester which the 60th credit lies in, but not the entire year. So (hypothetical scenario) say your 60th credit lies in winter 2016, the entire winter 2016 semester counts, even if you only need one class from the winter 2016 term to reach the 60th credit. So now your admissions GPA will be based off of more than 60 credits. Since, after the winter 2016 semester, you now have reached the minimum of 60 credits needed to calculate the admissions GPA, the admissions committee wont use any semester before winter 2016 to calculate your admissions GPA. So if you took 5 classes in winter 2016, all of them will be used in your L2 GPA for admissions, even if you only needed one class from winter 2016 to reach the 60th credit........so now your admissions GPA is based off of 24 credits. This happened to me when I applied last year, I only needed a couple of the classes in fall 2015 term to hit the 60th credit for the admissions GPA, but they ended up using all of the classes I took that semester to determine my GPA ......so my admissions GPA was calculated using slightly more than 60 credits. I ended up getting accepted at U of A law, so I dont think the adcom holds it against people if they have to go back a semester to meet the 60 credits threshold to calculate the admissions GPA. If you want to make sure that this is still the policy, you can give admissions a call or email and ask if they changed it in the past year.
  7. If they're part of a degree, and don't have "extra to degree" written next to them on your transcript, they will count. If you're taking 200+ level courses, shouldn't matter whether you do them as part of a degree program or as an unclassified student.
  8. If you take first year classes after you graduate in a non degree/unclassified program like open studies, the U of A Law adcom will not count those first year classes . If a class is second year or higher in an unclassified program, they will count that though. If any of those classes you intend on taking are first year classes, if you take those in an unclassified program, they will not count. But if you take those classes in a degree program, then they will count in your L60. The same goes to "extra to degree" classes. Courses that have "extra to degree" written on them in transcripts will not count unless they are second year or higher.
  9. My brother knew someone in med school who tried 3 times to get into a graduate clinical psychology program. Kept on getting rejected, so he did the pre requisite courses for medicine and got into med school as a backup plan to become a psychiatrist. I agree, psych grad school (in particular the clinical programs) are difficult to get into. I did a BSc in psychology, a lot of the psychology classes through the department of science that I took had a lot of "hard" science, biochemistry, genetics, neuroscience. Some psychology classes required memorization of cell cycles and chemical structures of neurotransmitters. And other psychology classes taught the use of programs like MATLAB. In my opinion psychology's a very diverse field, not very easy to pigeonhole in content matter or difficulty.
  10. I remember once when I told a premed that my major was psychology he said "that's the easiest thing in the world" (after only taking an introductory psychology class). I didn't let it get to me, mainly because he also showed his ignorance of the field (he said mental illness isn't real--->bad thing for him to say, seeing as psychiatry is a mandatory class medical students have to complete to get a medical degree), but also because all he mainly took was biology, biochemistry and chemistry classes and he had little to no experience with psychology beyond the introductory class he took. Just my opinion though, why I never let people who talked shit about psychology get to me. I enjoyed my pre law degree in psychology and enjoyed learning about mental illness, uses (and limitations of) IQ testing, psychotherapy, biological aspects of learning and memory, neuropsychology, etc. And I took some classes in forensic psychology taught by practicing forensic psychologists , which helped me learn a bit about law. It's why I think I never really burned out in undergrad , going to lecture and studying was fun for me, and, in my opinion, that's the most important part of a university education. In my opinion, debating the difficulty of a degree is kind of pointless. Study what you love. Don't waste time debating the difficulties of your degree compared to other degrees. I know many people (including that premed I mentioned in the beginning of the post) who burned out multiple times and hated going to university. I liked the Plato quote someone mentioned earlier in this thread about studying for the sake of learning, not just for the financial gains or other extrinsic awards that comes with it. I'll say it again that this is just my unsolicited opinion. Kind of find it pointless debating the difficulties of different degrees.
  11. Received an offer of admission earlier today. L2: 3.66 LSAT: 157 Will most likely be accepting this offer.
  12. I had until May 11th to accept or decline.
  13. Thanks. Yeah, I was number 11 on the waitlist.
  14. I believe the email said I have until May 11 to pay the deposit.
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