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  1. NoWinNoFee

    Alberta Crown Prosecution Service Interview

    Interviewed and was offered a 2L summer position with the AB Crown Prosecution Service for the summer of 2018 (I accepted elsewhere). Interview was very casual, questions focused on my resume in addition to the "why criminal law" question. Very similar experience to @Snarky. I did not receive any substantive questions regarding criminal law. I only received one interview and they were silent until call day. Happy to chat via PM further if you want.
  2. Without disclosing too much personal information, I am an SFU grad who finished with a cGPA of 3.34. I personally (take this with an anecdotal grain of salt) was able to gain admission to UBC and UVIC. Yes the curve at SFU is difficult but it won't necessarily derail your chances of going to law school, or UBC for that matter. That being said - I see and understand the concerns that have been outlined, and much like those before me would agree that going to a school without such a difficult curve (or no curve at all) would be advantageous for increasing your chances as UBC and UVIC are index schools.
  3. NoWinNoFee


    I also did not receive an email but under "view/accept/decline awards" on My UofC it showed that I received a bursary. I reiterate what faimagc said and check your student account!
  4. NoWinNoFee

    Residence Question!

    Anywhere along the red line will be good. A lot of students live in Kensington. Brentwood also offers a lot of good options as well. Just keep in mind waiting for the train in the winter can be less than fun.
  5. NoWinNoFee

    Calgary Alumni working in Vancouver?

    U of C does provide opportunity to help facilitate students in getting jobs at Vancouver firms (like the previously mentioned firm hop). I agree with MinesAndMinerals in that I don't think there is any real difference between the two schools. I found the biggest hurdle of getting a job in Vancouver was the lack of opportunities to network year round. Although, this is something that can easily be overcome with a little effort. If you do have any further questions feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to help.