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  1. Waitlisted yesterday as well by email cGPA: 3.43  LSAT: 156 Provisionally accepted Ottawa but still hopeful for either Western or Queens
  2. Hey all, So, I have already provisionally accepted my offer at U Ottawa for the English JD program, but recently got accepted to the dual JD at Windsor... I've read a variety of posts stating that most people have the "Dual JD is a last option for those who can't get in elsewhere" mindset, but couldn't find any factual information as to why that is. Is it not nice to have the option to practice in both the US and Canada? Or do the opportunities after graduation for the Dual degree not make up for the cost difference? I currently live in Canada, and would most likely practice here after my degree, but in the future wouldn't pass an opportunity to move to the US. Any advice/perspectives are appreciated!
  3. Accepted today as well by email! cGPA: 3.43 LSAT: 156
  4. I guess I'll start this off - got an e-mail this morning around 11am. Cgpa: 3.43 LSAT: 156 Not really surprised lol, already provisionally accepted Ottawa
  5. Waitlisted today, got an e-mail around 11am. cGPA: 3.43  LSAT: 156 
  6. Thank you! I’m fluent in French, went to a French elementary school and high school
  7. Got a call Tuesday afternoon, an informal interview conducted in French asking questions about where I learned my French and if I would be able to follow courses in French. Got the email this morning telling me to check uoZone! Accepted with cGPA: 3.43 LSAT: 156 
  8. Accepted this morning! cGPA: 3.43 LSAT: 156 Applied General
  9. Hey all, Another one of these chance posts lol.... I recently graduated from UofT with a 3.43 CGPA (OLSAS) & my B2/L2 is between 3.75-3.8. I know i'd have better chances with a higher LSAT score, but out of three attempts it doesn't seem like I've been getting it any higher (153, 155, 156). I've also applied to Western, Queens, Windsor and Osgoode (long shot, I know lol), but Ottawa really is my first choice....any feedback would help!
  10. Yup just called them too. They said they had the scores in their files but that they don't necessarily update the date on uozone
  11. Well, I took both the December and February LSATs and my file has been under evaluation since Nov. 20th.... Should I be worried?
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