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  1. Hey, Random question, do we need to take a separate coloured picture to the test centre, I saw something on the PowerScore website that said you must have a coloured picture? Also, does the ticket need to be coloured?
  2. Perfect, thank you very much! As long as it is enough time for me to rest my watch to the next hour and not get confused with timing!
  3. I have been studying for 2-3 months now, and I just wanted to make sure that I understand correctly. I do know that there aren't like 5-10 minute breaks between each section. Also, many people frame the LSAT as being very strict due to which I thought maybe they do not provide a warning and just inform you when your time is up. The nerves are kicking in which is making me ask all these questions. I want to be completely prepared.
  4. Hey, I was just wondering what the procedure for the LSAT is like on the Test Day, as I am writing for my first time this September. Does the test start at 8:30am OR Do you have to be in the building at 8:30am? If I reach the building (not the room) at 8:00am will they allow me to go inside or would I need to wait outside? Am I allowed to bring my phone into the building (not the room) and hide it somewhere inside? Is a friend allowed to enter the building (not the room) in which the LSAT is being admisitered? After every section are we given a few minutes before the next section starts (to reset my watch, change pencils, etc.)? Are we given all the sections at once OR Are we given one section at a time that is collected at the end of the section? Are we given a time warning? Are we told when the time is up? Around how many individuals are in the test room? What time is the exam normally finished?
  5. I appreciate all your advice. My first PT score was a 155, but for that practice test after every 7 questions I would look back and check my answers, but I never copied an answer and marked fairly. So although I think it is representative of my "raw score" I am not so sure. My goal score is also a 160. The reason why I have just started LG is because that has been my highest scoring section, so I think I know it pretty well. Also, I have seen some articles on blinds review but am not sure if I am understanding it correctly. Is the method, just to do a full practice test without checking answers and then going back and marking it? Thanks again!
  6. I enrolled for the September LSAT a few month ago, literally the day registration opened! I have been studying moderately the past two months. Now, as the day is nearing I do not know if I am prepared. I also do not know if it is just me feeling nervous. I have purchased the powerscore bibles and am almost done the LR and started LG, but have not touched RC. I have also done only maybe 3-4 practice tests. I originally enrolled for the LSAT as a trial just to know what to expect, but now I am scared if I do bad and even though I would retake I would not want this score to effect my future. If anyone has advice, wither on how to study or on if I should consider paying extra to change the date, please help!
  7. Would I be able to gain admission to Windsor with a 3.4GPA and a 155 LSAT?
  8. Hello everyone, I am writing my LSAT this September and have been using practice tests and the power score bibles to study. My initial practice test score was a 155 but I find that the more I am studying the worse my practice test scores are getting. Is this normal, and can anyone suggest a technique to help me. My end goal is at least a 160, do you think that is possible?
  9. Hey everyone, I have been going through the Powerscore bibles, and was wondering if it is necessary to take notes on each chapter, would that be beneficial?
  10. Believe me I understand what you are going through, but in short you have come this far and do not let your fear stop you. It is worth giving law school a chance, and as it has been a goal for you do not let anything come in the way. It may be tricky but that doesn't mean that it is impossible. I have faith that one day you will be an extraordinary lawyer. Getting in your head about the small stuff will throw you off track. I wish you the best and hope your goal to become a lawyer is accomplished. FOR SURE GO, some of us are struggling with wondering if we will ever get accepted!
  11. Testing the waters, I want to try it out to see if it is something that I am capable of doing before committing to law school. I would have the option to apply to more master degree programs and post-grad programs earlier if I find out law school isn't for me sooner. Get what I am saying? I don't know if it the right decision though.
  12. Thanks, is it also possible for me to add additional GPA information after submitting may application
  13. Thank you, also what month should I say I graduate, is it June 2020?
  14. I am writing my lsat in September 2018 but I am graduating in winter 2020. What month do I write for graduation, would I write April, may or June. The ceremony is held in June but my exams end in April. Also I think I will fast track and end in December but I would still need to attend the June ceremony. Can anyone help me and tell me what month and year to write.
  15. Hey, I live in Toronto and was wondering if anyone could recommend any good test centres for the September lsat. I can commute based on how good the test centre is.
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