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  1. bary1234

    Dalhousie vs. Ottawa

    This was really helpful, thank you! I looked into the courses at both schools and that gave really good insight into how I can tailor things to my interests. The two schools do look fairly comparable in that regard, so I might have to look to other indicators in making my decision...
  2. bary1234

    Dalhousie vs. Ottawa

    I am particularly interested in feminist law and social justice and have heard that both schools are known for this. I see that Ottawa specifically has a social justice concentration. Dal doesn't seem to have this, but I have heard a lot of things, informally, about Dalhousie being a feminist and progressive law school. I'm wondering if any current students at either of these schools could speak to this, or if anyone else can help with my decision as it relates to my interests. Thank you in advance!