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  1. I interviewed last week. I was rejected today with a 3.7 and a 153.
  2. Have you been contacted for an interview?
  3. Thanks! Would your opinion change if my GPA was a high 3.6? I’m not too sure how queens factors repeated classes, the email they sent me didn’t address my particular inquiry about L2 calculations. Also, I was a member of my university’s disability services, not sure if that matters tho. Thanks again!
  4. Last Year I was granted an interview with a 3.76 L2 and a 148 score. In the interview they did mention my score was low. I’m thinking something at 150 or above is what they may be looking for. From their website more emphasis is placed on the GPA as opposed to the LSAT 60/40 which is good for lower scores.
  5. Hey, what do you guys think about a 153 and a 3.55 GPA in the access category? I’m not sure how Queens calculates repeated classes in the L2 calculation. References from an associate Dean.
  6. Could you share your stats? And when did where you told?
  7. I was told this week, or next week we'll be contacted after interviews .
  8. Could you please specify some of the questions you were asked? I was just told to be aware of why I wrote in my person statement. Thank you
  9. I received a call for an interview on Monday or Tuesday I believe
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