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  1. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    @andrearedlno I didn’t apply anywhere else. I don’t have many other options because I can only do a part time program( I’m a mom and a business owner !)I don’t think I can manage a full course load in law school ... so I will try again in March for fall ‘19 and in November for winter ‘20. And I’m not even sure if any other universities close in the Montreal area offer winter admissions.
  2. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    I have a 3.62/4.3 with 30 credits. I think the main problem is that I only have university credits... none from cegep. I went to a private college in Florida and those credits aren't recognized here. So I'm assuming that even if my gpa falls within the average of acceptances, my application doesn't weigh in very strong. I plan on applying again with more credits next deadline.
  3. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    Congrats to you all! Hope the interviews go well. I got officially refused yesterday. ☹️Until next time...
  4. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    I also applied in September. I think “a venir” is an indication of the file having been reviewed and decided upon. I don’t think is necessarily means a refusal. By tomorrow we should all have our answers. Not in our control regardless. This anticipation is crazy!
  5. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    Yes, mine changed to “a venir” as well! Don’t know what to make of it...
  6. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    Congrats blondeya! According to past threads, acceptances go out to cégep applicants first and then interview calls start for university applicants. Soon I guess...
  7. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    what are your stats if you dont mind sharing? not sure if I have a good chance: 3.6 GPA with 33 university undergrad credits.
  8. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    Hopefully by the end of next week we should have an answer. According to past years, it can go up to the last week of November.
  9. Giudanmar

    UQAM winter 2019

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to UQAM law for this winter. Waiting on the response and it seems easier when you have others to share the waiting and anticipation with !😬🤞