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  1. Thank you- I received an email the day after my uOzone status changed.
  2. Accepted today!! CGPA 3.5, L2 3.75 LSAT 157 (June 2018) Excellent LORs and ECs
  3. Wondering if there are any conditions with an offer of admission that require you to maintain a certain average after you've been admitted? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. I was accepted on a Saturday and it didn't appear until Monday! I also heard it takes about a day, hope this helps
  5. I was Referred to Ad Com for 7 weeks before being waitlisted, admitted after 1 month on the waitlist.
  6. Off the waitlist as of yesterday (waitlisted Feb 12th) L2 3.7 cGPA 3.4 157 (June 2018) PS tailored to Windsor, extensive ECs and good references Best of luck everyone!!
  7. Accepted yesterday afternoon
  8. Admitted off the waitlist! cgpa 3.4, l2 3.7, and 157 (June 2018) Strong ECs and great references Good luck to everyone waiting!!
  9. The same thing happened to mine today. I hope it's a good sign, but I don't know. My account is still "referred - ad com"
  10. 157, OLSAS cgpa 3.4, l2 3.8 Extensive ECs, glowing references My PS was tailored to Windsor
  11. Nope, June 2018 lsat (only write)
  12. I was waitlisted 1 week ago via email, but my UWinsite account still says "Referred-Ad Com" Anyone else? I can't tell if this is a good or bad sign.
  13. Waitlisted today (at noon) cGPA: 3.4 L2: 3.7 157 Referred to Admission Committee mid-January. Not sure how to react, did not expect a waitlist so soon.
  14. Thank you! This is super helpful.
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