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  1. Notified via email at around 9:00 am this morning. LSAT: 153 (DEC), 162 (FEB) cGPA: 3.7 OASIS shows my updated application status.
  2. Queue: January 24th cGPA: 3.70 LSAT: 153 (dec) , 162 (feb)
  3. It is listed there, but I was wondering if the "most recent test part date" section should have changed by now. I am probably being paranoid though.
  4. I am in a similar situation (1st take in Dec and then retake in Feb), and I have been in queue as of Jan. 24th. Stats: cGPA 3.7 LSAT 153 (dec) 162 (feb) I checked the LSAC website, and it states that my updated score had been sent to all of my schools + OLSAS on March 8th. However, on the OLSAS website it lists my Feb LSAT as a future test date and not the most recent date. Does it say the same for you ?
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