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  1. Where are you hearing this from? That's not what I was told by Career Services. Call the firm back.
  2. Amay

    "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    I sent an email to CTV Windsor over an hour ago and it looks like the article just got retracted. Here is my email: I am writing to express strong concern regarding the article that you published on CTV Windsor online regarding the law school ranking of the University of Windsor titled, "Windsor cracks top five for best law school in Canada". The reason for my concern is that you have published an article linking its source to a student publication that contains glaring misstatements, inaccurate statistics, and plagiarized content. For example, the student publication lists Windsor Law's GPA and LSAT statistics as 3.7 and 157, respectively. This is outright false. According to the University of Windsor Faculty of Law official website, the GPA and LSAT entrance stats are not disclosed as admission to the law school is based on 7 different criteria, and nowhere is a GPA/LSAT statistic listed. I called the admissions office, and they did not disclose statistics for me. http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/1163/windsor-law-admissions-faq 2) There are blatant untruths and misstatements in the article. For example, the University of Alberta Law School's tuition is NOT $29,727.80. For domestic students, it is close to $15-16K. Similarly, the average LSAT/GPA is 3.8/160 as per the law school's official website (https://www.ualberta.ca/law/admissions/juris-doctor/applicant-profile), NOT 3.7/161. The student author simply lifted these statistics from Wikipedia, which is not accurate. Similarly, the average LSAT entrance requirement for York University, according to its law school, is 162 (82nd percentile), as per their official website. It is NOT 165 as stated in the student publication. https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/eligibility-requirements/ 3) The amount of plagiarized content is staggering. The author has simply lifted the content of her profiles for each school from Wikipedia (compare University of Toronto, McGill, and Windsor profiles for instance, to the Wikipedia pages of these respective schools). Similarly, the author lifted profiles directly from the official Ivy Global LSAT website for schools like York University (Osgoode Hall). The result is that the article contains outdated and incorrect statements that are not current, truthful, or correct. https://old.ivyglobal.ca/lsat/school_osgoode.asp The credibility of this student magazine, "University Magazine", and by extension, CTV, is undermined and called into question when you provide thousands of readers with literally false reporting and false news through an outlet that fails to uphold basic journalistic practices, namely, accurate and truthful reporting. I respectfully ask that you retract this article immediately. Your viewers and the general public deserve truthful and accurate reporting, and also deserve to know that the news content that they rely on upholds the basic journalistic practices of truthfulness and accuracy.