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  1. Nice, thank you! I wasn’t looking forward to carrying my gym shoes back and forth everyday.
  2. I’ve decided to leave my car at home and bus or eventually LRT in from Orleans. This will be a lot easier if there are lockers available either in Fauteux or close by Does anyone know whether there are lockers available for law students? If so, how do we go about getting them? Thanks!
  3. I’ll do the same. Progress12345, did you ask Greg about this yet?
  4. Maybe that post was a bit premature. I tried Juris Doctor and study level as doctoral and I seem to be moving forward.
  5. Hi Everyone, I’m filling out my OSAP application for L1 at U of O Common Law but am having trouble with OSAP’s online application. First, which if the following choices best describes our program’s level of study; diploma, master’s or doctorate (the other two choices clearly don’t apply ie certificate and bachelor’s)? Secondly, I’ve tried inputting the following program names; juris doctorate, common law and common law JD. OSAP isn’t accepting any of these. If you’ve already successfully applied for OSAP, what did you list as our program name? Thanks
  6. I’m working with the same Greg on my PSLOC right now. He knows what he’s doing. Great offer right from jump.
  7. Are you saying people on this thread are intentionally misleading people? Examples?
  8. I emailed him last week and still haven’t heard back. I’m going to try some other names. The fb group class of 2020 has a few others listed.
  9. Capitalize that AF and add a few exclamation points.
  10. I’m in the same boat as OP in not knowing what area of law to focus on. I’m starting 1L in September and instead of making a positive decision on what area I want to focus on, I’m taking note of areas I know I won’t want to work in. So far those are corporate, international, tax, criminal, and real estate. If you know an experienced lawyer in your city why not go to lunch with them and ask a ton of questions. You’ll end up with a better picture of the salary expectations, market saturation, work load etc etc of the areas you may be interested in. I would think most lawyers have enough general knowledge of the law scene in their city to provide you with accurate info, even if it’s outside their practice area.
  11. Anyone have a Scotia branch they would recommend in Ottawa for this? I don’t want to go to a random Scotia and get a newbie who is going to give me a crappy offer.
  12. Ok so TD and Scotia are at the top of my list.
  13. Were you a TD customer before the LOC?
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