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  1. 3.9 170 with no ECs will get you in anywhere in Canada 3.7-3.8 +167 will probably still get in everywhere. Maybe not UofT.
  2. Tough to tell until medians are released. In the US, this cycle and last have been quite competitive, however.
  3. Great story! Congratulations! So many would benefit in the admissions process if they had your perseverance--retaking the LSAT is almost always the right decision.
  4. Don't sweat it. Those two grades won't ruin your chances. Just make sure they're outliers if you want the best odds at the top schools. I would also caution you about worrying about chances at particular schools until you have an LSAT score. Until then, focus on what you can control, do your best, and enjoy undergrad.
  5. If you're not scoring 180, you still have things to learn on all those tests. Do them again, review properly, and you'll improve.
  6. I think the consensus is that McGill is a slower process. Very few acceptances have been granted compared to other schools. I would guess that March and April will see a lot of application movement. I wouldn't be surprised if late admits have a later deposit deadline, too. Given that rejections have started to go out, I wouldn't think that no news is bad news.
  7. In recent years they have sent roughly 330 offers. Tons of space left for you in round 3.
  8. You don't need a tutor. There are enough free resources around for you to figure out what your issues are and for you to correct them. For some people, a tutor can help. But I've also heard of people spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on classes/tutors and achieving no improvement.
  9. So you're typically scoring in the 140s? I would recommend slowing down even more. In Logic Games and Reading Comprehension, spend your time on the first two games/passages focusing on accuracy. With a few minutes left, bubble in a line of guesses. In Logical Reasoning, take your time, aim for 15 questions as accurately as possible. The sections typically get more difficult as they progress, so you want to make sure you take the time to get the easier questions right. Review is extremely important. For Logic Games, search the games on youtube and there are excellent free videos by 7sage covering every logic game. Watch these and learn from your mistakes. For LR and RC, LSAT Hacks has great (free) explanations for most PTs. Use these to learn why your incorrect answer was wrong and why the correct answer was right. March isn't far away. You need to make sure you're practising every day. At least one timed section a day with review and you should see improvement. Good luck! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions I'm happy to help.
  10. What's your PT average? How many questions do you attempt per section? How many of those are correct?
  11. It's welcome day season and I have some questions. How realistic are these days as reflections of life at that school? Should they be treated as serious factors for final decisions? What should I be looking for at these events? All input is appreciated.
  12. How did you do on LG? If you struggled, you should have no issue hitting low 170s within six months. If you did well on LG, hitting the 170s is still likely but less so.
  13. The June 2007 LSAT is available for free on the LSAC website. https://www.lsac.org/sites/default/files/legacy/docs/default-source/jd-docs/sampleptjune.pdf
  14. In via status checker. Figured I'd post because nobody has. Good luck to all. 4.0+ 170+
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