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  1. Wrote September and got a 150 and then January. Got a 158 in January (highest) and have only been put into queue with Osgoode as of February 27th. To be honest, I'm quite surprised I've yet to hear back from at least Ottawa.
  2. Wondering this as well. I have 4ish years of experience in Residential Real Estate law but would like to diversify my experience as soon as possible (assuming I get into U of Ottawa...).
  3. Thanks for the insight. Are you still working in Ottawa? I'm still waiting to hear back from U Ottawa for the 2019 cycle and I believe my chances of getting in there are pretty good. If I do get into U Ottawa, my SO and I are seriously considering starting a life out there. It's getting too expensive to live in Toronto. I know property is significantly cheaper in Ottawa as compared to Toronto, and that is a huge incentive for me. As a U of T grad, how did you find the transition from Toronto to Ottawa? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. As someone born and raised in Toronto, I can't wait to get out of here lol. I'll pass on the 1.5 hour transit commute (each way) from Etobicoke to downtown Toronto. I'm looking for a downsize and Ottawa seems perfect in that regard.
  5. Yes it really took a toll on me at times. For a little background on myself...the first time I started studying for the LSAT was during summer of 2017 going into my 5th year of undergrad. I took a prep course with Princeton Review and my diagnostic was a 132. I was working full time at a Real Estate law firm as well so it was difficult to balance. I was bent on writing December of last year but was scoring in the 140s and told myself there was no way. Fast forward to April of 2018, I finished undergrad and started studying all over again while working full time and using 7 sage. Work was stressful and studying was stressful. It really got to me so I feel you there. In terms of easing anxiety on test day, you're going to feel anxious but remind yourself it's just another test, no different than the previous. I wrote over 20 practice tests, plus countless hours of drilling, review and fool proofing. On test day I reminded myself of how hard I worked. Regardless of how much I may have struggled, I knew I tried and that brought me confidence because I knew I put in the time and effort. I remember actually getting hyped up the morning of because I spent so many months preparing and worrying, it was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. In September I ended up with a 150 and I was disappointed. I ended up seeing a tutor and drilled arguments like crazy, somewhat to the detriment of my other sections. I just wrote January and got a 158. Sure, it's not the best score, but it's a huge improvement from where I started and I'm proud because I know I put in the work. I started with a 132 cold diagnostic and fell 2 points short of a 160 on my second sitting, all while working a pretty stressful job. I could write June in anticipation of next cycle, but for me, I don't think a rewrite at this point is worth it for me mentally. My point is that there were many times I didn't think I could do it, but I pushed through the grind and eventually did it. You have plenty of time from now until June. Like Providence said, you don't need a a crazy high LSAT score, maybe a 156+ and you should be fine. Go see a tutor, figure out what works for you. Practice a ton and don't give into this idea that you can't conquer the test on test day. Meditate, eat well and lift. Study hard and look at test day as a challenge you can overcome. You can do this.
  6. Splendid to hear that! My 158 was January as well, up from a 150 in September. Hoping to hear back soon. Congrats again!
  7. Congrats!! Was your 159 a January write? Thanks.
  8. Just checked and my score is up. Check now.
  9. Yes mine says the same date. Looks like they've been sent.
  10. Thanks for the reply and congrats on the accomplishment! Hoping for similar results. burr0wn
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