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  1. I'm an internationally qualified lawyer who decided to the JD instead of the NCA. I'd be more than willing to share my experience if it helps!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/184164014989130/ AND http://www.legalandlit.ca/used-book-exchange/?fbclid=IwAR39o49eeqtJ0TiTmSBOcRdpG2SmJRaoPql-7Gm3tK2H2Lv7hSgLxHMSg9A
  3. So professors will usually tell you which edition of the book to get, sometimes it's the same edition that has been used in the previous year and sometimes it isn't. When it has been the same edition as a previous year, I've just bought a used book because it's much cheaper. Hope that was helpful!
  4. So Osgoode has a page where upper years sell their books for much cheaper than the bookstore, if you're lucky you can find all your books there. I did that and it cost me around $500, including some new books I had to get from the bookstore. I also know people who bought ALL their books from the bookstore and that cost about $1000, but I can't speak to that.
  5. This is from personal experience having applied to an intensive and also being on the clin ed committee, they are fairly competitive! Some of the ones like CLASP/Crim are popular, and you should keep that in mind. I can't give you statistical odds, but most of the people I knew got at least one of the clinics/intensives they applied to. Hope this was helpful!
  6. I'm an international student and I was accepted only in March, despite having "competitive" stats as well! Hope that helps a little.
  7. Canada post informed me that my mail was delivered last week and OASIS still hasn't updated. When I asked admissions, they said they were having issues updating OASIS due to the labour disruption.
  8. In as of last week, and accepted! Have been lurking this thread for way too long. LSAT: 165 CGPA: 3.56 (It's weirdly calculated because I'm an international student.) Will probably need a lot of help making the move to Canada, so please PM me with any sort of help you can give me.
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