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  1. Of course, that was my initial thought. I have no idea why I was hit with such doubt last night. Sorry for such a waste of a thread; I would delete it if I could.
  2. It says to submit “directly to” student accounts.. should this be mailed or dropped off in person if living nearby? I know I’m being dumb right now but I just wanted to be sure. The lack of verification until after the deadline got to me a little. (Please forgive me for this question)
  3. Which opportunities at U of T do you think most 1Ls would benefit from experiencing? (I.e. DLS, clubs, etc.). I understand it's dependent on each individual, but for someone who wants to experience different aspects of the law and is not necessarily tied down to one specific area yet, is there anything you would recommend? Additionally, what do students actually do in DLS? I have read on other posts that it can get quite intense and I wasn't sure what that would entail. How does it compare to PBSC? I was thinking of trying to be involved with DLS (or PBSC) and law review, as well as a club - is this manageable with a 1L workload? I do want to set aside a lot of time to just study, but I'm interested in all these different commitments and have no idea how they'd affect my time. Generally speaking, would it all be too much, especially when just starting law school?
  4. Accepted today. I actually teared up from happiness. Oh my god. B3: 3.87 LSAT: 165 (November)
  5. Just got my November result and I'm not sure I can score meaningfully higher than a 165 at this point.. should I bother rewriting or is there a chance I can get in with these stats? Thanks in advance for any input! First time applying so I have no idea what to expect.
  6. Thank you so much for the responses! I will wait for now, but I was just wondering if anyone knew - I indicated that I would not be rewriting on my submitted application, did I mess up? Would I be able to e-mail them that I intend to re-write now or will they just not consider the rewrite at all since I did not indicate it on my application?
  7. I used the prediction calculator linked here and it says my chances are high with an 88% average & 160 LSAT, but is that... relatively accurate? I’m debating signing up for the January LSAT because I PTed higher than this but would it be worth it for UBC? Am I borderline here?
  8. This is probably dumb and varies but does anyone have any input on which location is better? U of T or Humber? Or maybe the secondary schools (Madonna, Father John Redmond, St. Basil-the-Great)? They're all pretty similar in terms of distance from me and I'm writing in November. I'm pretty intimidated by U of T's campus, would it be fairly easy to find the right place or is it easy to get confused/lost? And does anyone know if there are classes at Humber on Saturdays?
  9. I have seen a lot of individuals be warned against attending law school, how the legal profession is often not what people expect it to be, etc. This has me wondering, what type of person SHOULD pursue law? What aspects of the profession will appeal to certain individuals? Or maybe, are there individuals with certain characteristics/interests who should NOT pursue law? I understand it would be difficult to generalize and that there are many different legal fields, but I’m really just wondering which types of people (e.g. with particular traits/interests) would have higher chances of thriving in law school and dealing with the law.
  10. Particularly for UBC, I know that "decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning in late November" but would writing the LSAT this November still be relatively acceptable or would I be at an extreme disadvantage compared to others who wrote the LSAT earlier? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just want to make sure I'm not making a poor decision.
  11. A bit of a weird question but I am in the process of switching fields and don't really want to provide contact information for individuals who don't know I'm pursuing law yet. I know references aren't needed, but does UBC require contact information for any verifiers or contacts (similar to OLSAS)?
  12. I'm close to graduating undergrad, and I've essentially had no experience with the legal field apart from what I've spent time reading about it. I don't have any tangible experiences so I'm not really sure what a career as a lawyer would entail. How would I go about gaining this experience, or any sort of experience that would help me understand if I should pursue law? Where/what should I be looking for? I was pretty set on medicine just because I never really explored other options, and although I have the stats to make that path possible, I can't see myself happily pursuing it. I just feel as if I am more interested in aspects of the law/this type of work and was wondering how I could determine if this is something I would really want to pursue before suddenly making the switch. Of course, I know the LSAT is a place to start but I was also wondering about how to learn more about the profession as well.
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