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  1. I am also wondering how the rolling admissions process works and how much of an index score is relative to the date applied - because it is advertised on the TRU website. When I spoke to admissions I was told they fill the quota for the seats for that year based on application date (and of course statistics & soft factors) - so does this mean they could potentially not even review all of the candidates before deciding? How would that impact higher stats that applied close to the end of the deadline (and vice versa)? I'm basically just wondering how much of a role the application date could play in terms of waitlist ordering or how much of a % of index score each earlier application date is. Any ideas?
  2. Oh I see. Just curious, do you remember when in the year you were waitlisted? I'm wondering how early they decide to put someone on the waitlist. Or maybe do they wait until after reviewing all applications to start the waitlist process around April or so.
  3. @canuckfanatic do/did you have any insight as to why you were waitlisted? It it seems like those are decent enough stats just comparing to my observations after reading through some acceptance threads.
  4. Hey @SnapBackToReality, do you know the GPA's of those students you know who got admitted?
  5. My calculated GPA is similar to yours (3.2) but I didn't do as well as hoped on the LSAT (your LSAT is higher). I guess this is where the holistic approach factor comes in and am still hoping the best for us all.
  6. Last write mine came out on projected date at 8:03am. That’s roughy one hour from now.
  7. Wow, thanks @hemingway17 ! So inspirational! My thoughts were similar about my lg section.
  8. Awesome job guys! Thanks for sharing - stories like these remind how much anxiety can have an effect on performance.
  9. I'm hoping the reasoning habits I learned while studying paid off because I felt a bit scattered during the exam. I was PT higher than my Nov LSAT scores per section - but somehow seemed to jump back and forth within the section a bit unlike my practice.
  10. Hi all, Does anyone have an experience in which their scores were better than expected on the LSAT? Would be nice to share some stories and stats! I am super nervous for the scores so maybe this is just the waiting that is having me second guess.
  11. What are y’alls stats like if you don’t mind me asking? Is TRU your first option for schools? Or are you guys waiting on other applications as week? Yes, the waiting game is rough.
  12. Congratulations on your acceptance! Do you know if you are planning to accept the offer?
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