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  1. Accepted Today(March 15), In queue since November 16. cGPA 3.98 LSAT 160
  2. On another topic, when should I start feeling worried about not hearing back from them?
  3. I'm curious what's considered the worst. Can you share their working hours?
  4. Nah, they probably would be forced to shut the whole site down. Plus, I don't think, making money was the reason behind making this forum.
  5. OP, I want to echo what others have said, and just know that all of us have our share of dark times, trust me, it'll pass. Go see a psychologist, it helps. You might say that you know what they would say already, but still, it's helpful. Try martial arts, especially boxing; it helps you cool down.
  6. What's wrong with waiting till April 30(probably 28th or 29th since the deposit takes like two days to deliver), and then accepting the offer?
  7. I haven't applied for Windsor, but to my experience, there's no correlation, whatsoever, between when you apply and when you receive an answer.
  8. I heard back from Ottawa in December, and Queen's two days ago.
  9. There's no good news about it, I'm in queue since mid-November with 160,3.98 and my OASIS works just fine. I sent Vicky an email two days ago and she told me to keep checking and waiting.
  10. I have applied for this cycle just like you, and so far I've gone to Osgoode twice, UofT once, and have called every other school that I've applied for, whenever I had a problem (There's an ambiguity in my file that I needed to address). Frankly, you won't get any answers you'd like, and all they say would be that it's a lengthy process and there are lots of applicants. But, still, you would feel more relieved.
  11. I saw someone got in, a day(or two) before their last LSAT.
  12. The guide puts an emphasis on textbooks rather than casebooks, is it a bad idea? I saw that you mentioned you think of these books as recommended rather than required.
  13. I used the term from an American website. So yeah, I guess they're the same.
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