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  1. I've seen on numerous occasions that people are trying to sell their law school books, aren't they going to be useful in practice? It feels weird to sell books after the semester ends, I mean that are those books only useful for their related courses and nothing more? I appreciate all the comments.
  2. Can you see which section you are in? If so, you can go to here and find out about your exact schedule and your profs.
  3. I really appreciate your help. Mine says A, so I suppose I'm in section A. Just checked ratemyprof, and I hope it isn't as bad as they say.
  4. Me too, but I haven't heard anything from Osgoode so far. When did they inform you of which section you are in and what the schedule is?
  5. You can go here, and use different scores to see what the outcome would be. It's not exact, but still can give you a rough estimate.
  6. I'm sorry you're in this position. Just for your information, I heard back at 9AM, and it seems that almost everyone else, too, has heard at 9AM. By the way, OASIS only gets updated once a day, so spare yourself the agony of over-checking the website after 9.
  7. One good LSAT and you're good to go.
  8. Have you setup your email and account? In OASIS it says, "stay tuned for more information."
  9. I didn't summarize, it's what @Diplock has said before in another thread.
  10. Below is what you're looking for: 1. Never assume you are going to out-perform the people around you, and 2. Never be afraid of competing at any level.
  11. Actually another thread needs you.
  12. You still got two years worth of studying ahead of you, and if you can keep up the same grades as you got right now, I wouldn't think you'll face a problem due to just one C+. And, as you mentioned, there is also the LSAT, and a decent score on that would make up for your GPA to some degree--though I don't believe you'd need that.
  13. Did you get to go to all classes and participate in your preferred EC?
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