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  1. Last year, I got one with 160 and 3.98; it isn't a large scholarship though. I would say that your GPA is a bit low for a scholarship. Though some of the scholarships are not decided on academic achievements only. If you show financial needs, you might be able to get one.
  2. Hope you all are keeping well. I finished my 1L. And I was wondering about what to do for the summer. I was offered a summer position in a criminal law firm, but that's not happening now due to the pandemic. I was thinking about taking some online courses. I came across a negotiation course, which is offered by London School of Business. It's a six-week online course, but it comes with a rather hefty price tag: £2,100. I'm wondering if it's worth it. On the same note, if you can suggest any summer course worth taking, I'd appreciate that.
  3. Let’s say a criminal law firm in Toronto.
  4. why didn't you take that then? (feel free not to answer if too personal)
  5. As a now concerned 1L, how close is this to the average articling salary?
  6. Can you tell who the prof was so I can avoid such an experience?
  7. For what it's worth, I just want to say that there is no correlation whatsoever between when you send your application and when you go into queue and when you receive an answer. I sent my application last year at the very first day (3.98, 160) but received my offer at March 15. I don't remember when I went into queue, but it was after the first round, which was crazy considering that I submitted my application on the first day, and no information was pending. Also, OASIS is updated once a day (my guess is around 9 a.m.), so stop torturing yourself and check the website only once in any given day.
  8. what kind of accommodations? I've heard that the extra time that Osgoode offers is somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes for an hour. Is it worth it? I mean, what type of disability it tries to make up for by adding 15 minutes to a three-hour exam?
  9. I may be wrong, but the information about a student's mental illness or any other type of disability is highly confidential, and even not all York or Osgoode employees have access to those.
  10. I received a scholarship with 4.00 and 160. I think you have a good chance of getting one.
  11. They submit one, and every school will receive that.
  12. Hey folks, It's only been one week into the semester, and I am already confused as a two-year-old trying to learn Algebra. The thing is that reading/briefing cases is a huge time sink, and it didn't let me finish my assigned readings for this week. Also, with the summaries available, it seems that everything that I want to write down is already in summary, and it feels like unnecessary work. The traditional way of briefing, apart from being lengthy and time-consuming, seems excessive to me; are we ever going to use Procedural History in our finals? Is it safe to assume that knowing the facts of a case and its ratio is enough? I don't know if I understand what's going on, but it seems to me that 80–90% of what's going on in the class is irrelevant. Therefore, my class notes are very small, comparing to verbatim transcripts that most of my peers write. I'm not looking for a way to "game" the law school, but what if I first learn the law(using supplements, internet, etc.), and then skim the cases or read their summaries? Additionally, can you share what you would do differently knowing then what you know now? Sorry for the long post, but I believe that I share these concerns with many of members here. Any insight is highly appreciated.
  13. Really? What's wrong with having access to past exams in a course?
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