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  1. I vote Windsor, there is a big emphasis on sports law (and it is right next to detroit) and they have some heavy hitters in terms of professors who also work in sports law.
  2. Hey yall, current 0L looking for housing in Windsor, any suggestions. The house search has not been easy. What is a decent price range for an apartment/condo? Anyone looking for a female roommate or looking for a place we can search together. I find there are more two bedrooms than 1 bedroom. I have a car so I am not opposed to driving to school. Anything will help! Thanks guys!
  3. Hey, so what hope should we be holding out for the waitlist?
  4. I am still under evaluation... Is anyone else?
  5. Hey, I am just wondering the September 30th deadline for scholarships and bursaries, is that for those who applied by the November 1st deadline? I am a little confused!
  6. Hey, I am wondering how I will be able to send transcripts to Dalhousie with the strikes.
  7. has anyone ever changed their Referee once the OLSAS link has been sent? My referee resigned shortly after agreeing to write my reference letter and has not responded since. Does anyone know the protocol? I have another supervisor who has agreed to write it, but I know once it is sent it cannot be taken back... can anyone speak to this issue?
  8. Question, if I have graduated from undergrad - but realize that circumstances prevented me from doing well in different years. Is there anyway to upgrade my cumulative average that law schools would consider?
  9. Does anyone know how long the waitlist is?
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