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  1. Still waiting on mine as well, for what it's worth!
  2. I’m in 3L and have hated law school since the beginning, although I didn’t admit it to myself until around midway through 2L. I also didn’t have a strong interest in the law beforehand; I pretty much only applied because I figured I was suited to logical thinking and could do well on the LSAT. That being said, I was still motivated enough to volunteer for a clinic in 1L (although I hated every second), so my situation might not be the same as yours. Ultimately, I still regret not going to grad school in my undergraduate field and I hope to make a career change once I’m in a financial position to do so. However, I’m glad that I stuck it out and didn’t drop out from law school once I started; a partially-finished law degree and the accompanying debt would have been much worse for me than no degree at all. I’ve been able to make the best of a bad situation and have an articling job that I’m reasonably excited about lined up. I really feel for 1Ls this year; I think I only got through law school because of the friendships I was able to form with my classmates. For what it’s worth, I think all of my close friends have expressed struggles with depression/anxiety—even before COVID—so you’re definitely not alone. Only you can make the decision about whether to continue, but I think you should look into the supports your school offers, such as counselling, an upper-year “buddy” system, etc. I particularly regret not speaking to my school’s career office in 1L—I think having some guidance in planning my future would have alleviated some of the despair I was feeling.
  3. Has anyone had any recent movement from Ottawa employers?
  4. DOJ has sent emails. Make sure you check all email accounts linked to your GC Jobs account.
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