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  1. I lived in An Clachan for one year during my undergrad. The building/surrounding area is quiet and residential. It is about a 15-20 min walk to a Loblaws, CIBC, Shoppers, and some food places. I think most people there were graduate or international students, and some were families. I also had no issues with Queen's Community Housing, as they were always professional and helpful. The apartment I was in was not renovated, but was in good condition and very spacious. However, I personally did not enjoy the experience of living there. Although the rent was reasonably priced and there is nothing truly wrong with the apartments, it was just too far from campus/downtown. Maybe in Toronto the distance would not be a big deal, but the Kingston bus services were not the best (i.e. buses did not come frequently enough for that route when I was there). Having to wait for delayed buses in -20 degree winter weather was not enjoyable, and it was an overall isolating experience. One of the great things about Queen's is the sense of community, and so I really was only able to enjoy that and be more involved once I moved closer to campus. It is possible, depending on what you're looking for, that you would enjoy living there, but if I was attending Queen's for law school I would prefer to look for a place that was closer to campus. Given that there are grad students who choose to live there, I'm sure that others may have different feedback/experiences. As for John Orr, I don't know anyone who lived there but given that it is close to West Campus, I'd imagine the commute would be a lot more convenient. I hope this helps!
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    UoZone Document Requirements

    No, not at all! I don't have anything on my transcript or anything. I think I will just e-mail them about it to inquire.
  3. I recently wrote the Feb LSAT and uoZone has marked it as received. However, I just noticed a new criteria was added that wasn't there yesterday which says "Submit a letter of good standing from the Dean" under my requirements. I'm just wondering if this is the case for everyone? It says that my status is incomplete but that the last update was in November so I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks for any help!