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  1. Hi guys, I provisionally accepted uOttawa's offer a couple of weeks ago on OLSAS. Its acknowledged by OLSAS and by uozone. However, it still shows the expiry date for my offer on OLSAS (May 7th, 2018). My question is, am I in the clear even though it still shows an expiry date for the offer? I haven't received any other offers so I don't know if this is normal or not. I know it might be a stupid question but I just wanted to ask to be safe instead of sorry!
  2. Rejected today as well, but also not surprised 3.66 cGPA, 3.84 L2, and 156 LSAT (best)
  3. I didn't receive a condition like that on my offer and I'm also graduating this semester. Was it on the downloadable pdf copy? I find it really weird that it says you still have to obtain 30 credits, maybe give them a call tomorrow?
  4. Waitlisted yesterday as well, 3.66 cGPA, 3.84 L2 and 156 LSAT (best). Just to confirm, if we provisionally accepted another offer and we accept a spot on this waitlist it doesn't invalidate our provisional acceptance, right?
  5. Sorry to hear...with those stats you'll most likely get in somewhere else though (if you haven't already)! Do you mind sharing if you were you notified by email or did you just check OASIS randomly?
  6. It certainly won't hurt your chances by calling and checking on it! Just don't tell them your forum username or they definitely won't let you in @leafsfan2431 lol
  7. Yes, I did! Also didn't get the email until this morning for those wondering.
  8. I can't speak as to whether anyone else's status is incomplete, but I definitely suggest giving them a call just to make sure they have all the documents they need to make a decision. It definitely doesn't hurt to call and ask why it still says incomplete...in fact it shows you took the initiative to investigate why it says that!
  9. Long time lurker but glad that I can finally say I got accepted today Stats are 3.66 cGPA, 3.84 L2 and 156 LSAT (best) with good LORs (I think) and decent/okay ECs. All the best to everyone, I know the wait sucks but hopefully you all hear back soon!
  10. Congrats! Did you get an email or just randomly check myuwindsor?
  11. Congrats to both of you! Did either of you happen to receive an email or did you randomly check uozone as well?
  12. Thanks to everyone for the replies! It's good to be realistic so I appreciate the honesty from everyone. I know I have the highest shot at Ottawa and Windsor so hopefully I can hear something from them (or any other school) soon. Does the long wait mean schools are considering accepting me or is it that they simply haven't reached my application yet? I'm just not too familiar with the whole process so if someone can enlighten me I'd be super thankful!
  13. @Luckycharm Thanks for the input! Was definitely aware my LSAT isn't the greatest so I didn't expect to get accepted early, but this waiting game is killing me. Any idea of when I could expect to hear back from schools? Is it usually around the end of April where they send out some sort of reply?
  14. Hey guys! This is my first year applying to law schools (finishing my undergrad this year). I applied to every law school in Ontario but still haven't heard back from any of them. I'm wondering whether its a good or bad thing to have not heard from them? I've been referred to admissions for some but others don't really specify, they just basically say "under evaluation." I wrote the February LSAT so that might be a factor in the delay. Obviously I'm happy I haven't been rejected yet but I'm just feeling really stressed with all this waiting . If stats make a difference mine are 3.66 cGPA, 3.84 L2 and 156 LSAT (best) with good LORs (I hope) and decent/okay ECs.
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