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  1. They get an email from OLSAS with just one link in it.
  2. No. They’ll send their reference to OLSAS, which will automatically send it to each Ontario school you apply to.
  3. I'm pretty sure that almost any story you hear about ripping pages out of textbooks or shredding notes at a particular law school is a myth (or, at the very worst, it's an isolated incident). I just started at UofT, which is often thought of as one of those rip-pages-out-of-textbook schools, and not only is everyone super nice and "collegial," but I've already had free textbook PDFs and extensive course outlines sent to me from upper-years (as well as other 1Ls who got outlines from upper-years and are passing them on to classmates). Don't pay too much attention to stuff like that. I'm pretty sure the same level of community and collegiality exists at any law school you'll choose.
  4. Yeah, we were told 95% of 1Ls chose to do the Winter semester in person
  5. Yeah, I'm seconding Notnotadog. I had a 3.94/168, and got into UofT on day 1 as well. You'll be completely fine.
  6. They’re also doing what JimmyMcGill suggested - starting classes earlier, ending them later, and adding classes on Fridays (UofT doesn’t normally have Friday classes) - to add more sections of each course, so that each section can be small enough to allow for adequate distancing.
  7. If you're applying in November of 4th year, then, yes, your cGPA and B3 will be the same.
  8. University of Toronto central admin just released this. Kind of just says they don’t have a concrete plan yet, but under “Academic Excellence,” it says the tentative plan is a mixed model with smaller courses/seminars/labs in person and larger courses online. https://www.utoronto.ca/uoft-roadmap
  9. The Osgoode people should be pretty lenient with you. I didn't fill out the financial statement before I applied either but once I was offered admission and emailed them about it, they let me fill it out and send it to them.
  10. I just graduated from Guelph and am heading to UofT in the fall. Feel free to shoot me any particular questions you have through PM. For what its worth, with an average that high, I'd guess your OLSAS GPA will probably be somewhere in the 3.95+ range. It's impossible to say exactly without knowing each of your individual course marks, but it's clear you're in really good shape.
  11. Nope, all bursaries at UofT are based on financial need.
  12. The reason you probably see a discrepancy is because of the unique way OLSAS calculates it. They take each individual course mark, convert them each to a GPA according to their conversion table, add all the conversions together, and divide the sum by the number of courses/credits. This usually has the effect of lowering people's GPAs from what they might expect. Schools use the OLSAS GPA because it's a way to standardize marks across all the schools they get applications from.
  13. If someone else knows better than me, correct me if I'm wrong. This is what I think, though: 1) Your undergraduate GPA will be what they look at, while your Master's degree is more of a soft. 2) All else being equal, I don't think they would care whether you studied internationally or domestically. 3) Your LSAT and GPA are just a shade below the UofT medians so you're not at much of a disadvantage. It's possible that your work experience will interest them, but it's tough to say that it'll outweigh our LSAT/GPA if you're in competition with someone with better numbers. 4) No.
  14. Based on the Facebook group, there have been at least 250 people admitted in the first two rounds for a class which will ultimately be 205-210 people. Do with that information what you will. I have no idea how the third round will work
  15. While you definitely don't need to study and write it this year, I don't see much of a downside to doing so. Don't study too much during school if that'll impact your marks, but if you're able to start studying once your semester is over (end of April presumably), then you can set up your real test for September, July, or if your studying is going well, June. Anecdotally, I did the same thing (wrote the real thing in June between my second and third year) to give myself ample time to re-write if I had to, and I'm personally pretty happy I did that. To get started on studying, try out this test as a diagnostic without studying at all: https://www.lsac.org/sites/default/files/legacy/docs/default-source/jd-docs/sampleptjune.pdf. Be strict and time yourself as if it was the real thing - 35 minutes exactly per section. See how you do on it, see which sections are your weakest, and go from there.
  16. Accepted on student centre 3.94 cGPA, 3.98L2/B2, 168 LSAT
  17. Someone posted a couple weeks ago saying that they called Western's admissions office and that they said the first wave will be in early December. I think it should definitely be this week.
  18. Just got the call too! Very excited cGPA/B3 3.94, LSAT 168
  19. Lmao clearly I wasn't looking hard enough. Thank you
  20. On that same note, I won't be able to get any financial need-based scholarships, but does anyone have insight on general entrance scholarships? Are they merit-based? How much are they generally worth? Do you need to apply for those or are they awarded to whichever 0Ls the school decides to give them to? I couldn't find any information on them online. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here.
  21. Got accepted this morning also. cGPA: 3.94 L2/B2: 3.98 LSAT: 168 Congrats everyone
  22. I went into queue yesterday as well. For what its worth, I submitted Nov. 1 with a 168 LSAT, 3.94 cGPA, and 3.97 B2/L2.
  23. Hey guys, I just have a quick question about the application process. I'm currently finishing up the second year of my undergraduate, and I know that U of T takes your best three years into account. However, if I apply during the first semester of my fourth year, which I hope to do, that would just mean that they take the GPA from the only three years available to them since they wouldn't have any fourth-year marks to look at, right? At best, they would have my first semester marks from fourth year if they waited a few months, but I was under the impression that they take GPA only from fully completed years. Am I wrong about something here or is it true that they'll have no choice but to only be considering my first 3 years? Thanks!
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