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  1. @notlongerfirm beat me to it by a few seconds haha
  2. I think you'll very likely make more than minimum wage in 1L summer but obviously that's not possible to say for sure. But also, are you saying you're going to pour all $50k of your hypothetical articling salary into paying off your debt? What about living expenses?
  3. OCIs this year are in early October, Call Day for in-firms is October 22nd, then in-firms are November 1st-3rd. Job offers go out November 3rd at 5PM.
  4. Given that UofT was one of the only law schools to start with a hybrid model last year, and given that the university administration (at large, not the law faculty) somewhat recently said that they were planning on moving back to in-person teaching in the Fall, I can only imagine we're starting off with a hybrid model this year, potentially to go fully in-person in the Winter (though that part is anybody's guess). It seems like it'd be worth it for you to move downtown, based on all that we know now.
  5. There are many people with American degrees at my school too. Not sure it's much of a disadvantage, all else being equal
  6. If you're talking about Bay Street firms, they all pay between $1700-1900 per week to my understanding, for both 1Ls and 2Ls. But the odds of getting one of those jobs in 1L are very, very low. The more common 1L jobs (clinic work, RAs, etc.) are probably closer to $700 per week. I have no idea what a small firm would pay their summer students, and I'm sure it varies considerably, but it wouldn't be anywhere near the going rate on Bay Street. Maybe others can speak to that.
  7. I honestly don't know what WDs are (I assume they're just like a Credit instead of a specific grade?), but if you only have 3, you maintain that GPA (make sure it's calculated the OLSAS way), and your official LSAT score ends up being in that range, I can’t see the WDs being a problem. Edit: I now realize they're withdrawals, which will presumably be viewed more negatively than a CR. I still don't think it'd be a dealbreaker given your other stats, but I'm not on the admissions committee, so what do I know?
  8. I think most people are able to get their PSLOC at prime. I did through TD
  9. Oh, and your Legal Methods prof (the 2-week course before the semester starts) will likely be Robertson, Dawood, or Niblett.
  10. There are many more possibilities than this, but these are who I can think of right now. Property: Phillips, Essert, Drassinower, L. Katz Crim: Roach, Chiao, Stewart Torts: Chapman, Essert Contracts: Valcke, Benson, Langille, Waddams (he could be retiring though, idk) Constitutional: Macklem, Schneiderman, A. Katz Legal Process: Roach, Fernandez Legal Research and Writing: Vitale Lopez
  11. Last year, once I was accepted, I asked to fill out the form and they allowed me to. Didn't sound like an exception at all, either. I'm quite sure they'll let you fill it out now if you email and ask.
  12. I wasn't planning on replying but, hey, can't hurt
  13. Same here. Keep an eye out, people
  14. The Access category is for people who have compelling (often medical, I assume) reasons for their comparatively poor performance who wish to demonstrate that their potential is higher than that performance. To apply under this category, you need to supply corroborative documents. If this doesn't describe you (and I can't imagine it does, given that you have a 163/3.8), definitely don't apply Access.
  15. Your comment replied specifically to the portion of his comment about why people are poor, which I quoted. It wasn't me trying to pull a gotcha, they were just direct equivalents
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