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  1. Oh, and your Legal Methods prof (the 2-week course before the semester starts) will likely be Robertson, Dawood, or Niblett.
  2. There are many more possibilities than this, but these are who I can think of right now. Property: Phillips, Essert, Drassinower, L. Katz Crim: Roach, Chiao, Stewart Torts: Chapman, Essert Contracts: Valcke, Benson, Langille, Waddams (he could be retiring though, idk) Constitutional: Macklem, Schneiderman, A. Katz Legal Process: Roach, Fernandez Legal Research and Writing: Vitale Lopez
  3. Last year, once I was accepted, I asked to fill out the form and they allowed me to. Didn't sound like an exception at all, either. I'm quite sure they'll let you fill it out now if you email and ask.
  4. I wasn't planning on replying but, hey, can't hurt
  5. Same here. Keep an eye out, people
  6. The Access category is for people who have compelling (often medical, I assume) reasons for their comparatively poor performance who wish to demonstrate that their potential is higher than that performance. To apply under this category, you need to supply corroborative documents. If this doesn't describe you (and I can't imagine it does, given that you have a 163/3.8), definitely don't apply Access.
  7. Your comment replied specifically to the portion of his comment about why people are poor, which I quoted. It wasn't me trying to pull a gotcha, they were just direct equivalents
  8. UofT does not give any merit-based scholarships at all, so this is questionable
  9. If this is true (something tells me you’re exaggerating), its not at all representative. I did a BA, and I’m sympathetic to the point that BAs are generally easier to get higher GPAs in (if I did an engineering degree, I’d probably fail out) - but every single one of my Sociology/Poli Sci classes throughout my degree had a class average in the low 70s or lower. Pretty sure that’s completely standard. It’s just not the case that they’re tossing out As to everyone who enrols.
  10. On a call about in-firms hosted by Osgoode/Western the other day, I recall Stikeman Elliott saying they have ~85 in-firms for 18-20 positions, Lenczner Slaght said they have 40-50 (can't remember precisely) for 6-8 positions, and Crown (Civil) said they have 35 interviews for 7 positions. So that'd be pretty in line with what @LawbronJames was saying.
  11. If you're applying in Ontario, your referee will send your reference letter to OLSAS and then OLSAS will distribute them to each school you apply to. So, no, they won't be personalized. Not sure about outside of Ontario though.
  12. I agree with all of the above. The top 10% at any school will pretty much always do well for themselves, no matter what reputation their school has. But with that being said, I think a good piece of advice which I've seen on here a lot is to assume you're going to be an average student wherever you go - don't bank on being a medallist at a school with lower admission stats. I can tell you that my thought process when accepting UofT was that, since I thought I might want to work in Big Law, I would need to be in the ~50% of students that succeed in OCIs rather than in the ~33% at, say, Western. If I was an average student at UofT, I stood a good chance; if I was an average student at Western, not as great of a chance. So that was a consideration for me. Maybe you have the same aspirations and this kind of thought process would be relevant to you. Now, if you're interested in doing other kinds of work, or you're not sure what you want to do, minimizing your debt is always a good idea. But, either way, I found that it wasn't helpful to speculate whether I'd be in a higher percentile of the class at one school or the other, because it's ultimately all just guesswork and there are a bunch of other factors which are far more relevant and concrete. Edit: Obviously OCI statistics include government jobs and some mid-sized firms/boutiques as well, but I'm just trying to speak generally.
  13. Abbreviating it wrong is simply a time-honoured local custom ❤️
  14. I've heard from a few former summer students that they usually hire people who range from extensive sports/hockey knowledge to very minimal sports/hockey knowledge. So I don't think a lack of sports-related experience would be fatal to your application
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