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  1. Especially when proving people wrong costs $35k/year
  2. Depends completely on what school you're talking about and what your GPA is.
  3. They consider B3, not cGPA, so you should be fine.
  4. Convert each individual course mark into an OLSAS GPA according to the chart they provide, add them all up after conversion, and divide by the number of courses. This unfortunately might make your OLSAS GPA lower than you think.
  5. There's approximately a 0% chance of you getting rejected with a 3.82/179.
  6. I honestly can't understand what you're even asking, given that it starts with "how are you doing with COVID?" and somehow ends up at "does anyone really like their classmates?"
  7. The softs won't matter that much, and they don't take reference letters. But a 3.72/165 definitely has a shot, albeit maybe in the later rounds.
  8. Yeah, it seems like Queen has an unofficial cutoff of 157. https://law.queensu.ca/admissions/jd/admissions-process/first-year/admission-categories
  9. I think my advice (which should be taken with a grain of salt anyways) would depend on whether you're interested in defence or prosecution. From what I understand, UofT does pretty well with MAG hiring if you want to be a prosecutor, but it's hard to make good money in criminal defence, especially when you're just starting out - in that case, I'd recommend taking on minimal debt. With that being said, you're correct in saying that you can get into criminal law from any school, and UofT does have great faculty (e.g., Kent Roach) and opportunities (e.g., Criminal Appellate Externship, DLS) for those with a criminal law focus.
  10. No sense of competitiveness from my view. Everyone is really nice and helpful. There is certainly a focus on Bay St. in general, but there are many people that are interested in going into public interest/social justice work, too. I think it's definitely worth throwing in your application, but it's hard to guess what your chances of admission are.
  11. Yeah, I'm confused about the same thing. I was in your standard BA program, and all my courses had class averages of around 70%, too. This doesn't sound like a unique situation.
  12. Assuming your 3.85 B3 is from your undergrad, and is calculated using the OLSAS method, I'd say you have a really good shot. If the 3.85 includes your grad school marks, however, it's more doubtful. From what I know, grad school marks are softs, and are not factored into the GPA calculation.
  13. It's important to clearly articulate in your statement why you want to go to law school - if you spend your time expressing what your goals and interests in the legal field are, that's a good thing. Don't stress about it.
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