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  1. Maplesyrup

    Rejected 2018

    Down in Osgoode's books, but not out! CGPA: 3.84 (L2: 3.9ish) LSAT: 157 Good luck all - do great things!
  2. In queue as of November 15th. LSAT 157, CGPA 3.84. Still waiting, but I have hope! One way or the other it will all work out my dudes!
  3. Maplesyrup

    In Queue 2018

    In queue November 15 LSAT 157 CGPA 3.84
  4. What about 3.84 and 157? Would chances increase somewhat?
  5. Maplesyrup

    Ask a 1L!

    Would someone in the MPA/JD program mind shooting me a message? I have a few questions.