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  1. Poblenou

    Accepted to Queen's 2018

    I just received my offer. I'm extremely happy to (provisionally) accept. cGPA: 3.62 L2: 3.72 LSAT-(cancel), 157, 159 General Category. When does OLSAS update? I'd like to know so that I can accept this right away.
  2. Poblenou

    Waitlisted 2018

    Waitlisted as of today. cGPA: 3.64 OLSAS LSAT: (cancel)/157/159 (December 2017) Any action that is required of us at this point, like a form to fill out or something to check off on OLSAS?
  3. Hello everyone, I just would like to ask the community here what my chances would be, even after trying the Predict-o-Matic Calculator here on the site. I went to an Ontario university, and have decent ECs and good LoRs. If it would be possible for someone to tell me when I might expect an offer, that would be great too. Thanks!