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  1. Have you explored all the banks? Credit unions? If not, perhaps it’ll be best dealing with the bank you’ve been a client of for the longest time. Looking into what your school can do for you, regarding financial aid, would also be a good idea. If you’ve done both of the above, then pardon my ignorance, but I thought it’ll be a good idea to mention them. Is the amount that you need to live off, after the OSAP, significant? As others have suggested, working during law school is possible to make up the difference. Your last option would be inquiring about deferring for a year, I don’t know how that works but a reasonable assumption would be that financial hardship is more than a legitimate reason. I sympathize with your situation, getting accepted to a law school is by no means an easy feat and having financial difficulties obstruct your path to law school is cruel. Best of luck and I’ll be rooting for you!
  2. AMS

    Is it fun?

    pretty suspect personality trait
  3. It seems like University of Saskatchewan actually considers the specifics of your undergrad degree as well. Taken directly from their FAQ: The Admissions Committee carefully reviews and considers the entire contents of applicants' files. For most applicants, a formula combining the LSAT score and the best 2 years GPA will have the most significant weight. In some cases, the personal statement will be important; this is particularly true for special applicants. The nature and difficulty of applicants’ prior university course of study is also taken into account. This has been discussed in depth in other threads but assessing the difficulty of someone’s undergrad degree is quite subjective. I don’t know why this is something they include as a factor in their decision.
  4. AMS

    Last week

    Taking a break from anything LSAT related 3-4 days before the exam was quite beneficial for me. I wrote twice, the first time I studied until the night before and just felt fatigued and in no mood to be doing a full LSAT the next day. The second time I put everything away almost a week ahead of the exam and just had a completely different mindset on test day. Felt I was coasting through the exam, even surprised myself, ended up exceeding my expectations. The LSAT is a skills-based test, cramming in the last week will not yield much progress, if any. Best of luck!
  5. AMS

    Issue with timing

    Once I started to figure out the reasoning behind the questions I was getting wrong is when I started seeing good progress. I would sit down in a classroom and spend upwards of 30 mins to figure out the logic on a particular question. Most of LR questions are recreations of one another, and you will see the same logic being used over and over. Lsathacks has explanations for most of the prep tests for free online. They were instrumental in helping me grasp the lr material. Good luck!
  6. AMS

    Chances for next cycle [3.46 / 150]

    I don't think enrolling in a 5th year of schooling to improve your GPA is considered a red flag. On the contrary, It shows that a student is willing to put in the extra effort to rectify their poor prior showing. OP has only written the LSAT twice, and I strongly believe an LSAT score around 160, granted that it will take a lot of improvement, will offset their previous LSATs for schools that don't average your scores. P.s. I don't think you're "competitive" for any Canadian law school with an LSAT score of 150.
  7. AMS

    Transferring from L1 USA to L2 Ontario

    no kidding, serious dedication
  8. AMS

    Is a 150 LSAT enough for TRU?

    But it’s not a score you can “anticipate acceptance” with.
  9. AMS

    Chances? 3.95 153

    I don't see anything wrong with that.
  10. AMS

    Application Status

    Neither did I.
  11. AMS

    LSAT - Non-Scored Section

    Figuring out which section is experimental is not as clear cut (for the exact reason of your post) because there really aren't any obvious indicators. Even if they were, preserving your energy on one section - which you THINK is the experimental, is quite the gamble that I certainly don't think is worth taking.
  12. AMS

    Accounting Degree

    Did anyone on here get an undergrad degree in Accounting and made ANY use of it after their J.D.? Perhaps to go on and pursue a CPA designation or become a tax attorney? Got accepted to law school recently and will be graduating later next month with a degree in accounting and was wondering if I can incorporate it into my future plans. Thanks!
  13. Was offered admission around 10:00am sask time. Will be accepting! 158 lsat, B2: 3.6, strong sask connection. Congrats everyone!
  14. @law1996 @SKalltheway @calgaryhopeful2017 Congratulations! also wondering if you guys noticed the "received date" change right before you received an offer?
  15. AMS

    Application Status

    I submitted mine on the 29th of January and wrote the February lsat. Judging by the comments on this thread, I don’t know if the date change is indicative of anything.