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  1. b3come

    UQAM law for fall 2018

    Got accepted on the 11th on the condition that I pass a french test. Does anyone know when we'll be able to choose our courses?
  2. b3come

    UQAM law for fall 2018

    They told me the interviews are taking place only the week of May 2nd. She couldn't change my date but offered me an appointment in the evening so I'll be able to drive down to Montreal.
  3. b3come

    UQAM law for fall 2018

    Just received the convocation letter to go for the interview. I will call to see if I can change the interview date because, being in another city, it will not be possible for me (or at least super hard) to come on that date. Anyone got their letter too?
  4. b3come

    UQAM law for fall 2018

    Nobody got news from UQAM yet?
  5. b3come

    UQAM law for fall 2018

    Hello, i sent in my application on February 28 (1 day before the deadline). I applied for the part-time stream but I heard it doesn't matter and you can go back and forth between full-time and part-time. Are you going to do it full-time or part-time. Best of luck to you too.
  6. b3come

    UQAM law for fall 2018

    Hello, I sent in my application for the law program at UQAM. The status just changed to "décision à venir". I dont know if I have any chances to get admitted but, it doesn't hurt to try. stats: Bachelor - 3.4/4.3 Master: 3.7/4.0 Anyone else applied?