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  1. Seconding the external monitor for notes if lectures are live (and even if they aren't having one is useful). Mute your mic if you aren't talking so there's no feedback/background noise. Online lectures via Zoom/etc might feel a lot more draining if your camera is on because you constantly need to be "on" as well, and may feel that there's a lot more focus on you. So try and find ways to de-stress/take mental breaks afterwards. I'm not sure if it was just a symptom of being a 3L but I had no real desire to listen to pre-recorded lectures; don't be like me, listen to your lectures even if they're recorded because the prof will inevitably drop info that's useful for your exams.
  2. Hey! I'm assuming they'll still accept new articling applications, depending on the deadlines; when were you hoping to take the PLTC? I sent my LSBC application in early March, but I applied for the summer 2020 PLTC much earlier than that since they have separate deadlines (I had to apply before December of last year). I know that there's probably very few staff physically working there as the office is closed, which is probably also why they aren't answering the phones. Email seems to be the easiest way to reach them (though that's personally been hit or miss for me). It doesn't seem like they confirm receipt of the application package, though...I actually didn't hear back from anyone about my application until last week confirming that I was accepted.
  3. LSBC update: Law Society just emailed students + principals to announce that the May 2020 PLTC will be moving to an online/virtual course delivery system and will begin June 8th.
  4. I felt for you guys when I heard the decision (also from TRU). Definitely reach out to your profs - most of them aren't advertising positions as far as I know, but many might like some help, and most RA work can be done remotely over the summer. Also check with Career Services (Christi) to see if she knows of any positions that she just hasn't posted up yet. Weird as it sounds, check on Twitter too - I've seen law profs from other schools seeking remote RAs and it didn't matter what school the students were attending. Besides that, maybe see if there's any legal clinics that need volunteers to do remote work, like Access Pro Bono or PBSC? I also second the idea about trying to write an article that could get published, or check out some writing competitions. Good luck!
  5. Congrats on your acceptance! There's quite a few living options around the campus. Many law students live in the Landmark buildings which are about 5 minutes from the school, and some new buildings which are literally right next to the school, although the rent for both can be quite high given the proximity. If you have a car it might be worth checking out places that are 10-15 minutes away. Times are tough right now so I'm not sure what's going on with people renting out their places as a lot of students are just trying to get back home as quick as possible, but you should check out the TRU Law Black Market page on facebook, which is where they'll usually post their rentals. Kijijii is another good place to check. There's a gym near the campus called the Tournament Capital Centre; it has all the standard gym equipment, a swimming pool and an indoor track. I think it runs about $30/month for a membership? If you're willing to travel a little there's also a Planet Fitness fairly close by that cost me about $10/month. Residence (the North Tower/"new rez") is a whole other can of worms. I know a lot of first years choose rez and you'll either love it or hate it. It's about a 10 minute walk to campus, which is great, but it's basically a hotel, so make of that what you will. I've lived there for all three years, personally, as I don't bring my car to Kamloops (fighting for parking is a big issue on campus) and appreciate being able to walk to class. All the rooms are furnished and come with a desk, so that's another plus. Wifi is included in the rent. There's an ensuite kitchen, but no stove/oven, so you'll need a toaster oven/induction plate. The 2 bedroom rooms are pretty small, and one major drawback is that the bedrooms don't have locks, so you're putting blind trust in whatever roommate you end up with. I was lucky enough to get a 1 bedroom for two years after 1L, but there's a waitlist process. There's no meal plan - you'll need to cook your own meals. Meal prepping is the way most people survive law school haha. There'll be a 2023 page started up on Facebook soon if it hasn't been made already - hang in there The SLS is dealing with a lot of student concerns right now RE: classes and exams, so they just might not have had time to make it yet. If you have any more questions just let me know!
  6. Also just keep in mind with the clinic that it's an upper year course, so you'd have to wait until 2L or 3L to potentially take it (there's also an application process and it can be competitive depending on the semester). But as mentioned above, there's plenty of options that you can get involved in during 1L that relate to crim law The oral advocacy club, which is voluntary, is another one, as they sometimes do crim moot cases. In upper year there's also the MacIntyre Cup moot (which is a crim moot that counts as a course, with credits) that you can try out for: https://www.tru.ca/law/jd-program/student-learning-opportunities/advocacy/moots-for-credit.html
  7. I highly recommend buying any type of formal wear (ie. suits, blazers) from wherever you're living before coming to Kamloops. The mall up there doesn't have many clothing stores, unfortunately, other than the Bay. I'm not sure if you're looking for men's or women's wear, but H&M is another good store that sells women's suits.
  8. Oh, okay! In that case I'd definitely reach out to her again to confirm that you've been auto-registered; you probably won't hear back until next week like I'd mentioned but that's something worth double checking on!
  9. It means they're going into that year. Ie. I finished 2L last term and I'm not yet a 3L. I thought it was useful for describing the in-between period and just kind of adopted it, I guess 😂 I agree it's mostly a US thing.
  10. Hey! TRU Law (rising) 3L here, hopefully I can help ease some of your anxiety. From what I remember when doing my own PSLOC, you're going about it correctly - just wait to get it approved, then apply for your BC student loan. As for registering for courses, you will automatically be enrolled in the 1L courses by administration, so you don't have to worry about doing that. I'm guessing that enrollment services may have been referring to the general course registration date for TRU students, not TRU Law students. The last day for fee payments for law tuition in the Fall was late August last year, and the law admin are generally pretty relaxed about fee payment as they know that students are trying to get loans lined up. You'll receive your course schedule closer to September, but all 1Ls have to take contracts/torts/constitutional law/crim law/property law/legal perspectives/legislation, admin and policy/fundamental legal skills. Leanne is away from her office until the 24th according to her email, but you can always shoot her a follow-up message just to confirm and she'll (hopefully) get back to you when she returns. Cheers!
  11. You will automatically be enrolled in your 1L courses, so you don't have to worry about trying to register for anything, but you probably won't hear from them until closer to September. Keep an eye on the TRU's website for them to upload the Law Important Dates pdf for 2019! https://www.tru.ca/law/students/important-dates-for-law-students.html The 2018 one is on there if you wanted a rough idea of what the dates looked like last year.
  12. If you guys are looking for places and striking out on rez, keep an eye on the TRU Law Black Market on facebook; people who are graduating this month will probably be posting their rental units soon. https://www.facebook.com/groups/283399711783953/ There's also McGill and Upper College Heights to consider, if you're getting desperate - they're not as nice as the new rez and don't have as great a reputation (ie. a lot of people consider it sketchier, not as clean, etc since the building is a lot older), but I know some 1Ls last year that stayed in McGill and they were fine. McGill's cheaper, but the rooms are a lot smaller. Upside is, if you're looking to avoid your roommates for months it's a lot easier to do so than the new rez, since you have a separate outside door. I don't know much about Upper College Heights, just that it's located off campus. Just things to keep in mind!
  13. I believe it varies from year to year - in 2017 all of the Fall awards were given out in late October, and in 2018 it was in early November, but if you receive an entrance award they will let you know by email earlier than that!
  14. Extracurriculars are great ways to connect with people and to see what sort of areas of law are appealing to you - but I agree that you should only do them a) if you think you will be able to organize your time adequately and b) it is something you will actually enjoy. I took on three main extracurriculars during my first year, two of which were relatively low committment (law newsletter editor and law conference volunteer) and the other of which was a bit more time consuming (pro bono volunteer). They were things that I was interested in and while I was busy with school I never felt like they took up too much of my time. I carried on these three extracurriculars this year as a second year, in a similar-but-different and higher position for each one, and I will be continuing one of them going into my third year (as well as picking up one other opportunity). It was more work to juggle in 2L but I also felt a lot more fulfilled in expanding on something I had previously worked on. I did one-time extracurrics like moot practice and a negotiation moot as well, in order to get a taste of what those were like, since they didn't take too much time. As people have said, I think quality over quantity is important and showing a genuine and continued interest in certain roles is appealing to employers. While you shouldn't be looking to benefit from the people you work with in the role, I think it's definitely useful if the role helps you to develop some sort of skillset (even transferable skills) that will help you as a law student and beyond. In 1L, it's tempting to take on too much since everything is new and exciting and you want to take advantage of every opportunity - don't do this. Know when to say no, and be picky about what you decide to do. Time's precious in your first year.
  15. I just know there's a waitlist (which I'm on) and that there's more people than spots I understand the feeling, I'm also concerned haha. If you're curious about it though you can always call them, the front desk staff are pretty friendly!
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