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    Application Status

    Towards end of January. Just my LSAT marks indicate they have been received (not red anymore). My application status date has not changed yet.
  2. lawgolfer

    Application Status

    I logged on today and saw that mine has changed.
  3. I am wondering what you think my chances may be regarding acceptance for September? Or even being wait listed? My adjusted GPA is 4.08/4.3 and LSAT would be 155. I am from out of province, unfortunately with no connection to New Brunswick or Atlantic Canada. Could my slightly higher GPA assist to overcome my lower LSAT and no regional connection? Thanks!
  4. Curious about my chances of being accepted or even waitlisted? What do you think? Best 2 years GPA : 4.03/4.3 LSAT (Feb): 155 No Sask connection unfortunately I recognize my LSAT is low but could my GPA possibly help overcome this? Appreciate the input!