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  1. tripcast

    Waitlisted 2018

    Waitlisted as of yesterday. cGPA 3.58 LSAT 172 I will be removing myself from consideration, as I’ve been accepted elsewhere. Good luck to everyone!
  2. tripcast

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    I wrote for the first time in February as well and went into queue with Osgoode on March 20th. I have yet to hear back from Osgoode, but have received responses from the other schools I applied.
  3. tripcast

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Accepted today! cGPA: 3.58 LSAT: 172 Very excited to be accepted!
  4. tripcast

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Just out of curiosity, was Feb your only LSAT or had you already written it before?
  5. tripcast

    Waitlisted 2018

    I would assume at this point that it doesn't mean anything yet. They may not yet have decided on who will be receiving acceptances in the next round. Mine still says 'in queue'.
  6. tripcast

    In Queue 2018

    In que as of March 20th. cGPA 3.58 LSAT 172 (Feb)
  7. tripcast

    Waitlisted at U of T 2018

    You should be glad! LSAT 172 cGPA 3.58 Rejected yesterday. You still have a chance at least! Good luck to you!
  8. tripcast

    Rejected UofT 2018

    Just received the email cGPA: 3.58 LSAT: 172 Wrote the LSAT in February so I was a late applicant