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  1. I had this issue last year, but I called the Uber and left my phone at home and waited for it outside! I had to bus back, so I used Google Maps to find out where the closest bus stop was. If it makes you feel less nervous, you could always print out a map and list of bus times.
  2. Those stats are good enough to likely result in offers from most Ontario schools... But in regards to your question, I was told by a University of Ottawa admissions officer that they do not wait for your new LSAT score to come in. If they happen to look at your file prior to you writing the LSAT again in January, they will not consider your new score when released. Therefore, simply by registering for the test, it is not a detriment to receiving your offer. You have a great chance of getting into Ottawa with your current GPA and LSAT score! Best of luck
  3. Kind of... I wrote my LSAT in February so my 157 came in late. When I received feedback on my application, the admissions officer had said my score came in too late so they used my previous score which was a 151.
  4. I have average/ above average extra-curricular activities and strong references.
  5. My extra-curricular activities are a little above average and my references are strong.
  6. My extra-curricular activities are a little above average and my references are strong.
  7. cGPA: 3.79 LSAT: 157 (highest) General applicant Ties to Ottawa
  8. I've had the same worry, thank you for the advice! I was afraid that they would automatically deem me as entitled and that calling could negatively affect my application.
  9. Do you think calling them to check the status of my application help at all? I've been debating on doing this but I'm afraid I'll just annoy them.
  10. So annoying how they do it like that, hopefully there are spots left once they get to me...
  11. Congrats! Did you write the LSAT in February?
  12. Does anyone know how admissions goes about looking at applications? I still have not heard back and I have higher stats than some people who have been accepted lately. I'm little confused about the whole thing...
  13. No I didn't fill out part b. My EC's are decent, I had a leadership role in a school club this year, and have been a member of 3 clubs throughout obtaining my undergraduate degree. I also worked part-time this year and have experience at a law firm. My LOR's were good, 2 academic, and 1 from an individual I worked with at the law firm.
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