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  1. Where does one see the information regarding the welcome day? Did you receive an email?
  2. Similar situation, I had brutal grades my first year and transferred to another school. Cgpa accounts for all of your undergrad history including the marks you accumulated in first year. That being said include in your personal statement a brief blurb regarding your reason for transferring as well as a note regarding your upward trend in marks. Hope this helps.
  3. In this morning! Cgpa: 3.49 b3: 3.76 lsat: Dec: 157 Feb: 164
  4. cgpa: 3.49, b3: 3.76 LSAT: 157 (Dec), 164 (Feb)
  5. HI all, Wondering if i should be calling the schools I applied to and updating them on my score as all they've currently received is my December score. Is this to proactive and should we all just wait until OUAC updates. Thanks
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