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  1. SIckOfAllTheWaiting

    Transportation - Getting to Thunder Bay

    Thank you @OldOne @lalaland554 and @FingersCr0ssed I'm just having trouble with the thought of leaving behind my boyfriend / family / friends, and I would literally go back every two or three weeks if I could.. I am excited to jump into the law school atmosphere and make friends and join clubs, etc, but I'm a bit worried about my sanity too
  2. Hello, I live in Kingston and was just wondering how often people from southern Ontario tend to go home / if there are any tips or tricks for getting good flight deals? I'll have to do the 17ish hour drive at least once to get my car up - but I'll probably fly home during the year. Thanks for any input!
  3. SIckOfAllTheWaiting

    Windsor Rejected 2018

    Just got the e-mail! cGPA: 3.2 L2: 3.9/4.0 LSAT 156
  4. SIckOfAllTheWaiting

    Lakehead Applicants 2018

    I was just wondering if everyone else's OLSAS status took forever to change.. I was accepted Thusday and it has now been a full week with no change on OLSAS.. and the deadline to accept is next Wednesday. How long does it usually take to appear?
  5. I was notified by phone call, followed by an e-mail that evening, and it still hasn't showed up on OLSAS, and it was last Thursday
  6. SIckOfAllTheWaiting

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Just got the call!! Accepted off the wait list! cGPA 3.2 L2 3.9 LSAT 156
  7. SIckOfAllTheWaiting

    Rejected from Western 2018

    Got the e-mail on Friday around 5pm to check my status and once I logged in, it said not offered admission with a red X. cGPA 3.2, L2 3.9, LSAT 156 Really hoping for some good news soon...
  8. SIckOfAllTheWaiting

    Lakehead Waitlist 2018

    Got the e-mail at 1:30 pm today - Officially waitlisted 3.2 CGPA 3.9 L2 156 LSAT No northern connections - taken 3 different indigenous courses