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  1. I’ve been under review since the beginning of April, and still haven’t heard back. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  2. I was referred first week of April and still waiting.
  3. This is a general Windsor event, but faculty, students, and admission reps from Windsor Law will be at this event. I’m assuming that they’ll set it up like a grad school fair with booths.
  4. I got this email as well. As I mentioned in another discussion, I was told by an admissions rep that there are still 100 applicants pending review. Maybe this is a way for them to meet these applicants, making it easier for them to complete the review process/ determine who is more competitive?
  5. The ad com rep told me that they mostly select applicants randomly for review and don’t group like other law schools. But yeah, that’s why I called. I applied 1 week before the deadline and haven’t heard back from ANY law schools yet. I’m still pending review at Windsor.
  6. I spoke with someone from the admissions committee yesterday, and they only have 100 applications to go through (100/2000).
  7. I was referred for review, now I’m pending for review. Last name starts with M!
  8. I’ve applies as access and have yet to be accepted, rejected, or wait listed. Would any happen to know why this is so 😂 ?
  9. There was actually a rejections page made in January. We don’t need a third one to be created.
  10. What are your stats? And what other JD programs were you accepted into?
  11. Would anyone be willing to post an image of their rejection email? I was wondering if they send the exact same email to every student they reject, or if they have different rejection letters for different types of applicants.
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