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  1. I only applied to 3 Canadian schools and this is one of my biggest regrets from this last cycle so I encourage you to apply to as many as you possibly can!! I also used the same 2 references but to avoid feeling like you're annoying them submit your applications around the same time and then give a list of all the schools they need to send the reference to so that it's all done at once and you're not bugging them every few weeks.
  2. This is really rude. His stats are a lot higher than many of the applicants that have been ACCEPTED to TRU this year and a large majority of the ones accepted previous years. "For someone who has been rejected everywhere" wow.
  3. I appreciate the intent behind this post My letter (email) didn't have any names at the bottom, the only name I've seen throughout the whole admissions process was Leanne Walker whom I tried communicating with NUMEROUS times throughout the last few months and was never able to reach. It's extremely frustrating to not even be able to find out what you were lacking or if your stats on file are correct or even know where you're at before this late into the year. If anyone does know someone other than Leanne to reach just to find out what we can do to improve our applications please let me know. Don't know if I will be re-applying in Canada but doesn't hurt to get some answers. And yes, TRU has become significantly more competitive. I personally know two people that got into TRU in 2017 with below 155 LSAT's it was a very common option for people that didn't score too high on the LSAT and is the only reason I really thought I'd get into TRU. Wish I was a few years older so I could've applied back in 2017 lol!
  4. Hey, I just wanted to reach out and mention I've been through similar things as you and I feel just the same, extremely disappointed and exhausted. Although I didn't lose two parents, I lost my father in my third year of undergrad finals. Wrote a lot about what events (relevant to this and other) I overcame in my personal statement for TRU and clearly that wasn't enough. I don't even know how holistic TRU really is anymore. Your GPA and LSAT are both higher than mine so I commend you there and you should have definitely been accepted. I've been active on these forums for a long time and I have noted many applicants who have received offers with lower stats than yours. I'm also looking into any other options available as I only see law as my goal as well. I've found a few US and UK options still open this late into the cycle, personal message me if you want to discuss them as I am still deciding as well. With your stats however, applying to Canadian schools would be a better option. For everyone else, I too have received an email today letting me know my name has been taken off wait list. This was my second time applying to TRU so I doubt I will apply again to this school. Good luck to everyone who remains on the list! Still waiting on one more Canadian school to get back to me otherwise i'll either be re-writing the LSAT and waiting another year or going abroad. If anyone has any advice on what to do from here please feel free to message me. 152 LSAT, 3.4 cgpa, around 3.7/3.8 L2 Lots of work and volunteer experience in 3 different law firms. References from a professor I had during undergrad and a lawyer that's known me for over 6 years.
  5. Also still waiting cgpa: 3.4 ish and l2 around 3.6/3.7 lsat: 152 (2nd take) no sask connection
  6. When did Leanne tell you you'd hear back by next Friday? If she said that to you recently then there must be movement. They wouldn't close the wait list or reject people off it this soon either. There's still hope. People may hear back from a school that they prefer over TRU and decide to rescind their acceptance. I think it'll just be a lot slower this year and perhaps less people accepted off the wait list than previous years. So far not a single person has been accepted off the list (based only on forum posts) so I definitely think there will be SOME movement (hopefully soon). Hang tight everyone!
  7. did anyone else email saying they wanted to remain on the waitlist? The waitlist email didn't indicate we needed to respond so I'm wondering if I should?
  8. I noticed that the last round of offers came with a May 8th deadline to accept so I'm assuming if a call was made to Leanne last Friday about the wait list then none of those people declined their offers. This seems really different from last year when there was a lot of movement in the wait list throughout the Summer
  9. Yeah I believe everyone on the waitlist received this same blurb. I'm sure a few people on the waitlist will hear before August. Does anyone know the deadline the recent applicants who received offers from TRU have to accept and pay their deposits?
  10. Received email today at 2:15pm. The email said they can't notify me of how many people are on the waitlist or where I rank on it. Good luck to everyone else still waiting to hear back. **and for my stats: 152 LSAT, L2 around 3.7 (4.3 scale)
  11. Yeah was definitely expecting (and hoping) for some offers to go out today. They were sending out offers on a few Fridays and then just stopped the trend last week. Wait list began around the end of April last year, hoping they still have a few more offers before starting that.
  12. Just checked and I am finally referred for single JD as well!
  13. I didn't receive this email which is strange if it was another one of their mass emails. I applied to single JD program. Last time I checked I was also still pending review.
  14. I'm still pending review as well and also experience so many problems when trying to log in to check my application status.
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